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26,000 Electronic Files on UFOs to be Released in 16 years: Confirms Barack Obama Presidential Library



26,000 Electronic Files on UFOs to be Released Soon: Confirms Barack Obama Presidential Library

In a letter obtained through FOIA on March 10, 2022, it was confirmed that more than 26,000 electronic files on UFOs will be released in 16 years. This confirms the Barack Obama Presidential Library and is sure to create a stir among UFO truthers alike. The files are said to contain information on UFOs that has never been disclosed.

More than 26,000 electronic files on UFOs will be released in 16 years. This confirms the Barack Obama Presidential Library in a letter obtained through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) on March 10, 2022.

On January 23, 2022, The Black Vault owner John Greenewald filed a FOIA —The Freedom of Information Act is a specific law that demands the disclosure of previously disclosed information and records controlled by the United States government upon request in full or in part.

The letter discloses the overall picture, of which 3,440 pages and 26,271 electronic files on UFOs are stored in the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

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The Barack Obama Presidential Library writes in the letter: “We have performed a search of our collection for Presidential records related to your request and have identified approximately 3,440 pages and 26,271 electronic files of potentially responsive records that must be processed in order to respond to your request.”

Non-applicable documents and files may be denied, so keep that in mind if they stray too far from the UFO matter. 

“Please keep in mind that these totals are an estimate and that all material processed may not be applicable to your specific topic,” the Barack Obama Presidential Library continued.

Over 10,000 FOIAs and 3 million documents online are credited to the Black Vault. More than 3,000 pages of declassified CIA papers are open to the public, thanks to Greenewald. In the February 28 publication, you can learn more.

The UFOs are reportedly the type of thing that should be under military control, but UFOs are not a classified subject in the United States. UFOs are considered to be a non-military oddity that is still studied by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).


The best way to describe UFOs would be an unidentified flying object. However, there is no one agreed definition of a UFO. This could be anything from an extraterrestrial spacecraft to a top-secret military aircraft.

Many people believe that UFOs are related to extraterrestrial life and that our governments have been withholding information about them.

Skepticism in the government

Despite the news that UFO truthers have to wait 16 years to get the hands on thousands of documents and digital files, there is still widespread skepticism in the government.

The Pentagon’s odd UFO program resembled secret DIA and CIA studies in the 1970s and 1980s that investigated whether human psychics could use their minds to spy on the Soviets and other foreign rivals from afar, a method called as remote viewing.

The earlier shows lasted 25 years and were covered in the nonfiction book “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” which was adapted into a fictitious film in 2009.


According to the Federation of American Scientists, the initiatives were eventually stopped in 1995 because they were deemed ineffective for intelligence operations.

Lacatski would work closely with Colm Kelleher, a contractor who oversaw the UFO program’s daily activities, on the UFO program.

Kelleher was trained as a biochemist and cancer researcher in Ireland and speaks with a slight Irish lilt. Robert Bigelow, a wealthy Las Vegas real estate billionaire and aerospace firm owner with a keen interest in UFOs and the afterlife, had hired him for years.

Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies was the lead contractor on the DIA program, formally known as the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program, or AAWSAP.

Kelleher and Bigelow had a history of investigating UFOs and paranormal phenomena, and Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies was the lead contractor on the DIA program, formally known as the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program, or AAWSAP.


Lacatski and Kelleher spoke with about their work, having previously written “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon,” a book exposing the program that was permitted for release by the Defense Department.

The two men were admirers of the remote viewing program, and in their book, they used a pseudonym that referred to one of the group’s psychics.

Kelleher was interviewing program manager applicants in a Las Vegas office in early 2008, just as the AAWSAP was getting off the ground. A job-seeking Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet fighter pilot recounted an extraordinary story.

“At the very end of the interview, he drops this bombshell on me that actually, he had been part of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group,” Kelleher stated, “And of course, I immediately perked up because I mean, this was pretty interesting.”

The story of the Marine pilot is now well-known. In 2004, pilots and crews in a military training location off the coast of California reported seeing odd objects on radar. One appears to shoot fast out of view in infrared footage.

Cmdr. Dave Fravor, a Navy pilot who detailed the events publicly in 2017, said he was dispatched to investigate and came face to face with an oblong white object flying without any visible propulsion system or wings.


It matched his flight before vanishing in front of his eyes. Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich, a junior pilot at the time, corroborated some of his claims, saying she saw the object for around 10 seconds.

In interviews, Fravor stated that he believes the object is “not from this world,” sparking suspicion.

“Some of the pilots involved in this were actually briefing Senate Armed Services Committee members and staffers, and Senate Intelligence Committee members and staffers,” Kelleher said of the long-term consequences of the Nimitz incident.

“So, it was considered sort of a sentinel case where the credibility of the so-called UFO phenomenon was introduced at a very high level to Capitol Hill.”

In early 2009, Lacatski and Kelleher dispatched a sailor, whom they characterized as a senior naval intelligence engineer, on a four-and-a-half-month inquiry of the Nimitz case’s witnesses and evidence. That work would be kept hidden for years before it was discovered by others.


Following the Nimitz inquiry, the sailor and two Marines were taken to Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, where Bigelow, the ranch’s owner, had supported his own private UFO and paranormal activity studies during the preceding decade.

Skinwalker is located near the town of Ballard in northeastern Utah on slightly over 500 acres of steppe land. It has long been rumored to be the site of odd occurrences, dating back to Native American Ute and Navajo legends about wicked witches known as skinwalkers who can morph into animal-like animals.

Under a different owner, the ranch would subsequently be the focus of a paranormal reality TV show.

A gate to Skinwalker Ranch in 2009 during the Pentagon’s UFO program.

The three active-duty service personnel, whose identities have been kept secret by the researchers and the Pentagon, purportedly saw a black emptiness on the ground that terrified them.

After leaving the ranch and returning to their homes in the Washington, D.C., region, Lacatski and Kelleher allege they witnessed orbs, shadowy figures in beds at night, and unusual noises.

On two separate occasions, the wife and two teenage children of the sailor who investigated the Nimitz event claimed to have seen a wolf-like monster walking on two hind legs peering into their Virginia home.

Advertisement inquired about the paranormal investigation and received a response from the Pentagon. Sue Gough, the department’s UFO spokesperson, responded with a simple “no.” She emphasized the Lacatski and Kelleher book’s boilerplate disclaimer, which states that the department’s approval for publication does not imply factual accuracy.

UFOs have been the subject of intense scientific and public interest for decades. UFOs are typically described as being circular in shape, but reports occasionally include more unusual shapes such as triangles or diamonds. UFOs are often reported to be silent, flying at high speeds with no visible signs of propulsion systems like jets or wings. They’re also sometimes said to emit strange lights.

Despite numerous reports and investigations, the scientific community has not been able to conclusively determine what UFOs are or where they come from. Many people who believe in UFOs say that the government is keeping information about them secret.

The release of these files confirms the Barack Obama Presidential Library and will be an interesting addition to its collection. The library has not yet said when the files will be released, but it is sure to be a much-anticipated event. UFOs are a topic of great interest and speculation, and these files will no doubt shed new light on the phenomenon. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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Heathcliff Spencer Peters, born and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with Dutch and American artists as creative artist for over 10 years. From 2000 - 2001 he was the main character in a popular Dutch television docu-soap-travel program. He has also worked as a cameraman and video producer for over 11 years. In addition to his work experience, he has been practicing journalism and fact-checking since 2007 for Lions Ground, nowadays known as Astral Citizens.

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