Mysterious Martian Child Disappeared In Thin Air After 15 Years

A child claims he was born on Mars and remembers it as his previous life. The child’s first media appearance was back in 2007 when he was 11 years old. What happened to him?

Boriska Kipriyanovich, born on January 11, 1996, in Volzsky, Russia, claims that he lived on Mars before he was born on Earth. His mission, to prevent human extinction through nuclear war —allegedly happened with his species in his previous life on Mars.

His mother, who is a doctor, couldn’t help but observe that the infant boy could already hold his head 15 days after birth. When he was four months old, he said his first word, ‘baba,’ and shortly after began to articulate simple words. He had no trouble reading newspaper headlines at the age of one and a half. He began drawing at the age of two and learn to paint six months later. He began attending a neighborhood kindergarten when he was two years old. Tutors were quickly drawn to the odd youngster because of his exceptional quick wit, language skills, and recall.

Kipriyanovich described how he recalls certain occurrences from when he was still a Martian pilot. Everything went wrong, according to the Russian boy, from the start of the catastrophic nuclear war between two factions on Mars through the journey he took from Mars to Earth. According to a story in The US Sun, a handful of Kipriyanovich’s species have survived the extinction, and they are in the process of restoring the planet’s architecture as well as developing new types of advanced weapons, all for defense. Many Martians, according to Kipriyanovich, can live up to 35 years and retain their physical features until they die.

“I remember that time when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine,” said Boriska Kipriyanovich, proclaimed former Martian.

“No one has ever taught him. Sometimes he would sit in a lotus position and start telling us detailed facts about Mars, planetary systems, and other civilizations, which really puzzled us,” said the mother of Boriska.

Despite the nuclear war, the Martians who survived lived in underground space, according to Boriska.

The Martians were nearly immortal and ceased aging at the age of 35. They were all tall and had the ability to move between galaxies.

In 2007, the interview above surfaced on the internet that contrasted sharply with Mars’ previous stance.

Not consistent in the story

Boriska no longer claimed to be here to save the world, instead claiming that he only brought 2% of his memory with him when he was reincarnated, and that this memory does not involve technology, war, or astronomical knowledge, and that these memories will be deleted at the age of 10.

Furthermore, Mars is no longer referred to as a subterranean realm, but rather as a multi-dimensional universe. It’s more than a planet; it’s a place where time and space collide. Boriska also recounted the reincarnation scene, claiming that all of his friends came to see him off and that the reincarnation was modified and went through a 20-30 kilometer underground zone.

Boriska’s first remark differs significantly from his second. First, in the 23-year-old interview, the nuclear explosion was not addressed. After all, there is no nuclear explosion, and lingering radiation can be found on the ground. A nuclear explosion, or even an air explosion, such as the 50 million tons equivalent of the Tsar bomb released on Novaya Zemlya, will leave a large explosion pit.

Nature survives very well in a nuclear environment

In April 1986 disaster happened, when during the test of nuclear reactor core No4 exploded. It was the worst human-caused disaster in history but not for nature.

Although nature has been reclaiming the area ever since the start of the disaster (in 1986), it is only within the past 35 years that evidence of wildlife’s return has been observed. Currently, in Chernobyl, flora, and fauna are thriving inside the dangerous 30km evacuation zone due to the absence of humans. Because of this, radiation-sensitive species (including some animals) have exhibited resilience that leads most experts to suggest that all life will endure within Chernobyl.

Since the nuclear accident, Chernobyl has gradually become a wildlife paradise.

According to the official claims of Boriska Kipriyanovich — the planet Mars is dead because of a nuclear war. He has also claimed that mankind will face a similar fate due to its own aggression.

But according to the video above, which shows that nature does not suffer from nuclear radiation and because man cannot survive in nuclear radiation nature performs even better, due to the absence of humanity there are jungles of plants and mature trees and animals that roam in freedom.

What happened to Boriska Kipriyanovich?

Boriska Kipriyanovich is alleged to have vanished with his mother, and the media have made repeated unsuccessful attempts to locate him.

One of Russia’s colleagues informed a journalist that Boriska is currently in a remote village under Russian government protection and that any attempt to contact him would be pointless. Some have him seen in or near Moscow.

Last photo of Boriska Kipriyanovich
Last photo of Boriska Kipriyanovich

Several psychics have claimed that they have been able to speak with Boriska Kipriyanovich through their minds and that Boriska has responded with a similar message, indicating that he is in a secluded location with his mother, but that he is fine, and that the Russian government is involved.


The case of Boriska Kipriyanovich has been the center of global media attention during his early childhood years. His case contains multiple character and historical inconsistencies, which lead inevitably to the conclusion that he is, in fact, a young boy with a vivid imagination, who is a good storyteller.

His nuclear claim has been challenged. Nature does not suffer from nuclear radiation as proven in the Chernobyl video.

There is no explanation for the fact that this child says that he was born on Mars and recognizes Martian life as a memory stored in his previous life.

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