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Astral Citizen

Stars Don’t Tell The Future, They Tell Stories.​

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We Are a Social Network For UFO Lovers

We are a social media website with the focus on extraterrestrial intelligent life and unidentified flying objects.

At Astral Citizen you can explore stories and media files, meet new people with similar interests or even start your own community group.

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No, You’re Not Crazy!

People try to lure you away from your spiritual and awakened path.

Humanity has never been more spiritual and awakened than ever before and we are aware of UFO cover-ups.

Military officials and experts such as pilots and researchers speak openly about alien life and UFOs, something that used to be mocked in the early days.

We are on the verge of a gigantic disclosure.

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The Meaning of Astral Citizen on a Deeper Level

Most of the elements that make up the human body were formed in stars. It is totally 100% true, nearly all the elements in the human body can be found in a star.

Astral means relating to or resembling stars, so you and I are Astral Citizens. Sounds crazy, but this shows that we are not originally from Earth but far away where the stars are. 

You and I, we are star relatives.


UFO topic based community.


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Start your own group and build a community


Activities will be rewarded.

Our Team

We are proud to introduce you the dream team of Astral Citizens that make the community run smoothly and more. Do you also want to be part of the team send us an email.


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