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In 2022, Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure was released to the public. It’s a documentary directed by twin brothers Blake and Brent Cousins (of the YouTube channel Third Phase of Moon), starring Dr. Steven Greer, James Goodall, John Desouza, Blake and Brent Cousins, Michel Sharratt, and Billy Carson.

The film is about everything from the cover-up of UFOs and exotic technology, to the UAP agenda pushed out by major media outlets like CNN, FOX News, TMZ, etc,. It also exposes how the media has been complicit in perpetuating a false narrative about UFOs, which has led many people to believe that UFOs are a threat.

Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure

Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure is a documentary directed by twin brothers Blake and Brent Cousins.

The big message behind this documentary is to enlighten the viewer about the lies about UFOs.


If you’ve been following me for a long time, you’ll know that I debunked the directors of this movie Third Phase of Moon, and Dr. Steven Greer repeatedly.

Knowing that the producers of this movie and the main character were both exposed by me, I think that’s what makes this movie so weird.

To be honest, I find this very grinchy—the kind of film where you expect the truth comes out of the mouth of liars.

I’m going to say this as gently as I can: There are some serious problems with the people who made [Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure].

I don’t want to criticize the movie in a bad way but I have to rate the movie and that starts with the people who made it.


Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer is clearly at the forefront of this documentary. He is a gifted speaker and he knows how to weave a tale, but I think that there’s just too much of him in this film. It gets boring and long-winded, and it’s clear that he wants to showcase how he lives: as a king in his own castle.

Many of the recordings were made from his home; his home life is comfortable, but it looks like he wants to showcase how he lives—which is a bit inappropriate.

There are rumors that Dr. Steven Greer has used his members’ money so that he can live like a king. In fact, there are accusations that Dr. Greer stole money from donors when he did a crowdfund for a zero-point energy device (the Orion project), and then used those funds for his personal gain instead of for the cause itself.

Dr. Steven Greer crowd funds all those millions of dollars for his documentaries but many of those who work on them do so for free because they believe in what they’re doing—but many people who have worked with him have left him because they found out that he was taking money from “the cause”.

Third Phase of Moon

Last week, Third Phase of Moon reacted strongly to my video about Dr. Steven Greer.


“LOL if you watched the Documentary Above Top Secret we showcase the UFO APP as fake, and how the Major media continues to show the UFO App on FOX and CNN,” says Thirdphaseofmoon.

The directors of the documentary continued: “It’s funny that you think you’re a debunker when we already debunked it and you didn’t even investigate and watch the documentary, that shows how much you really know about debunking…nothing!”

That claim turns out to be false. The hoax was born on June 23, 2020, on Twitter, and we published our debunk on June 27, 2020. During that period Thirdphaseofmoon did not cover that story.

The video is about a series of evidence against Dr. Steven Greer for his use of fake videos. In fact, Steven Greer was also found guilty of making hoaxes himself, watch the videos down below to know more about the directors and Dr. Steven Greer.

Third Phase of Moon is right, the documentary does not claim that the alleged UFO video is real. But why use it in the trailer if you know it’s a fake?

The documentary shows how people were fooled by the hoax used by the Mainstream Media. Even though Third Phase of Moon knows it’s fake they’ve used it in the official movie trailer without context.


What do I expect from a documentary? A documentary is a type of film or video that presents a non-fiction account of a particular subject. The word “documentary” can also be used to refer to the actual process of making a documentary. In general, documentaries are made up of interviews, narration, archival footage, and other forms of media that are meant to educate viewers about something new. Documentaries can focus on any number of topics, including politics, science, history, art—you name it! Documentaries are constructed on one fundamental, FACTS!

Steven Greer’s film, [Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure], is a mixed bag. It talks about the government’s involvement in UFO research and aliens, but it doesn’t give us much evidence to support its claims. The film is mostly just talking with stock footage, and there isn’t much evidence to back up Steven Greer’s claims.


The structure of the film is appropriate for its message—it’s just not consistent with what you might expect from watching it. There are a lot of talking heads with little physical evidence, which can make things confusing if you’re trying to follow along. It would have been better if there was more physical evidence instead of just talking heads.


Greer and Third Phase of the Moon allege that many of the photos and videos we see of UFOs are actually hoaxes pushed by mainstream media and I give them props for that.

But they also make bizarre claims and push out hoaxes of their own: for example, one of the figures in the documentary is Billy Carson. He labels a painting in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia as a real UFO.

When you do such a thing, do your research on the background of religion and the painting at the very least.

Right below each of Jesus’ hands, you’ll see something that looks kind of like a jellyfish.

In the documentary [Above Top Secret] is claimed that these are UFOs. But the real explanation: these are depictions of the sun and moon. It’s a reference to the gospel which says that after Jesus died, the sky went dark for three hours known as the [The crucifixion darkness].


That said …

I don’t take any of these videos seriously because some are explainable and some look suspicious. For example, one video shows debris that entered our atmosphere and the other is about an old video that appeared on the channel of ThirdphaseofMoon, just a publish and forget video. If this really was something real they would at least dedicate some research, but that never happened.

In addition to much talking by Dr. Steven Greer and stock footage, the documentary seems to be filled with old videos from their YouTube archive. It’s almost as if the entire film was just made up of clips from their many other films and videos, which makes me wonder if they really have anything new or interesting to show us.

And to be honest, the answer is no.

I am not a fan of Luis Elizondo but the documentary gives a slap to Elizondo and Daniel Sheehan. Is it because those two want nothing to do with Dr. Steven Greer? Maybe so! But I think it’s more likely that this film tries too hard to prove its point (without backing up with hard evidence) and ends up feeling like an advertisement for Dr. Steven Greer’s CE5 instead of an actual documentary on UFOs.

At the end of the Documentary, Steven Greer used the platform to promote his CE5 protocols. The CE5 protocols were developed by Dr. Steven Greer for initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations.


The CE5 is widely regarded as a bullock or at best pseudoscience according to many researchers and critics alike.

The editing was pretty cool at first glance, but after a while, you’ve seen everything they have to offer. The too-much-talking-and-boom-boom-swoosh effects are rather more a distraction than an added value.

I feel like this film brought no new added value because there were so many other documentaries by Steven Greer that came before it that covered similar topics. Like “Countdown to Disclosure The Secret”.

There are also some parts that could have been done better. For example, the video quality is not always consistent (sometimes it seems like they forget to turn on the lights or use the wrong camera settings).

Sometimes the mood is killed because the music suddenly stops and there are a few moments when the audio needs remastering, especially when you use clips from the past.

I don’t think this documentary is worth watching if you’re interested in learning more about our government’s role in keeping alien technology hidden from us.


I can’t recommend a good alternative to Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure because I don’t trust any of them but if I have to recommend one it’s based on people’s choice.

The top-rated documentary with the most votes is Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.


If you’re a fan of documentaries about UFOs, I encourage you to recommend your favorites in the comment section below.


  1. Barbara

    June 27, 2022 at 2:29 PM

    Yeah, I watched the most recent documentary and it did appear to me as well that there were too many clips from past interviews inserted in this doc. I also noticed a lot about promoting his CE5 app. That was a little disappointing. I wasn’t sure how I appreciated or not about filming on his land and home. It won’t stop my from listening to Dr Steven Greer but I must say it was disappointing to watch this documentary that I had to pay for that basically was a combination of many other past interviews.

  2. Heathcliff Spencer Peters

    June 30, 2022 at 8:41 AM

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Barbara.

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