Airbus A320 flight crew records mysterious object at 39,000 ft

A passenger plane filmed a “strange” V-shaped UFO (unidentified flying object) above Georgia as it flew through the skies. While the video doesn’t show how far away the object is, a flight crew reported to MUFON that it was filmed at 39,000 feet.

The video reveals what type of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) it was and another shows a zoomed-in image of the mysterious UFO.

The video quickly made its way around social media attracting thousands of likes and comments from concerned viewers.

One person said: “that’s exactly what the disk in the great Turkey UFO video looked like at some points”

The Airbus 320 was flying from Athens to Sofia when the crew spotted the formation of lights in the distance

You can watch the footage below. The plane was flying at 39,000 feet, over Georgia when the crew spotted an unusual formation of lights in the distance.

“Was flying along at 39,000 feet in an Airbus A320 somewhere over Georgia,” one of the pilots recalls. “As I was filming this aircraft fly over us, I noticed this V-shaped object appear. It appears to be between us and the other aircraft.”

“Both Captain and I agreed we would like to remain Anonymous. I will share the video I took. At the end, I zoom briefly to the instruments to give perspective. Nothing was reported to FAA or ATC.”

When you think of UFO sightings, you probably picture a young child pointing at a place in the sky ahead, saying “Look! A flying saucer!” or something similar. But for aviation enthusiasts, there’s another reality attached to UFOs: many plane spotters are actually avidly interested in extraterrestrial life.

The latest example of this is the footage of a strange aircraft captured by an Airbus A320 flight crew as it flew near Georgia – and perhaps more importantly, it was filmed with an Apple iPhone 13 pro max.

The triangular-shaped craft flew alongside their aircraft at an altitude of roughly 41,000 feet above Georgia (not the country), and according to local investigators who have studied the video, appeared to be bigger than any commercial jet.

It’s hard to believe that the video recording of a UFO made by an Airbus A320 flight crew could be taken at 41,000 ft. That’s close to 12.5km above ground! But it’s true: planes fly at different altitudes depending on their destination and cruising altitude, which can vary even between flights of the same type of aircraft.

Frame of the video

For example, our trusty A320 is capable of flying at 41,000 ft if it needs to. That’s around 13 km in height, so you’d probably expect any UFOs captured on that plane to be similarly high in the sky. But because planes usually fly at lower altitudes when more fuel-efficient (that is, lighter), our plane was keeping closer to its cruising altitude of 37,000 ft (around 11 km).

Still, 41,000 feet is pretty far from all other manmade objects that fly; passenger airplanes don’t fly higher than 39 km or so. This means that every mysterious object captured during this flight makes it extra eerie.

Watch video

This video appears to be of a flight crew looking at an unidentified flying object. The mystery object is heading towards the flight path at 40,000 feet. The video contains recorded conversations between the pilot and air traffic control regarding the mysterious object. Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments!


The comments on the YouTube video are a mix of believers, nonbelievers, and inquisitive minds:

“The pilot was recording above the plane in a position they were not normally in and weren’t used to seeing the reflection. The first time this video was posted we did a deep dive proving that both reflections exist in the windshield of this exact type of plane and that the interior panel lights have similar orientation and color,” user Croninsiglos writes.

Other users pointed out an aircraft wing reflection from another plane or the flight deck itself.

“Go to 0:55 this is obviously a plane. Hence the red and green light and the positioning of the lights. we’re looking at the bottom of a plane from down to the planes right of the nose that we are observing. So the plane is crossing from the left most (if we were to see that far) to the back right of the plane we are in,” user PawPolice writes. “You can see the taillight on the plane flash around 0.55 to 1.02 which really paints a picture of what we cant see,” user PawPolice continues.


UFOs are all over the news these days, and everyone is looking for proof that they exist. But just because something looks like a UFO doesn’t mean it’s an alien spacecraft.

A video recorded from a passenger plane reveals a “strange object” flying in the sky above Georgia. The object is really far away, but when you look closely, it’s easy to tell what type of aircraft it is. It turns out to be most likely a reflection on the inside of the windshield.

If that’s not enough proof for you, another discussion post on Reddit shows a close-up of the object and clearly reveals it to be nothing more than an interior panel light reflecting off of the glass.


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