The Alien Portal Over Shenyang, China Mystery

A bizarre video depicting a proclaimed portal over Shenyang, China appeared on the American tabloid the New York Post on September 9, 2021.

In the half-minute video you see a bluish bright light above the towering building that is claimed to be some kind of portal. Below you can watch the alleged video that appeared on social media.

Courtesy CGTN America

In the tabloid The U.S. Sun appeared the answer behind this strange video. In a photo of the same building you see a light reflection. Moisture in the air dramatizes the effect as in the sensational video.

The U.S. Sun writes: “A local meteorologist Xia Chuandong later confirmed the theory – explaining that the thick clouds in the area largely obscured the structure.”

“As a result, water vapor in the air amplified the light to cause the freakish effect,” The U.S. Sun continued.

The Italian debunker Scott Brando of UFO of Interest also came to the same conclusion.

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Based on the facts, we can draw to the conclusion that this is about light reflection accompanied by bizarre claims.

Source: New York Post

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