Are There Ghosts Captured on Nanny Cam?

In a baby security camera it is claimed you witness paranormal activities while the baby was asleep. Are those ghosts captured on the nanny cam?

[fa class=”far fa-times-circle fa-5x”] False, de video met de geesten opgenomen op de baby beveiligingscamera is een hoax. De baby is afkomstig van de YouTube kanaal Green Screen. Op basis van dit bewijs is de video in kwestie niet orgineel maar een geproduceerde hoax. Deze video verscheen op 20 augustus 2019 op

“Two entities or ghosts are recorded on this nanny camera. The family from New York shares a video in which a dark apparition crosses the baby room and a face appears staring at the baby,” writes

MSN continues: “The next day the mom woke up with three scratches on her face and the baby with bite marks. Wisely the family is considering to relocate!”

The baby footage originates from the YouTube channel Green Screen, a YouTube channel that publishes green screen stock footage.

Conclusion, the Ghosts on the Nanny Cam video is a hoax.

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