Astronomers STUNNED After Seeing UFOs in Space Photos

A number of Astronomers came across photos that they believe are particularly strange. According to their believe, they can only describe the objects as UFOs.

Astronomers look up in the sky the most, more  than all of us put together. They map the galaxy,  discover newly born stars,  freakishly scary black holes, and discover new planets every day and some planets are quite similar to our planet.

Do you believe they will find life on other planets? We think that will happen sooner or later. For example the Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope in the United States received on  August 15, 1977 a strong narrowband radio signal from outer space. A guy named Ehman marked it as the Wow! signal.

Researchers suspect that the source of the signal comes from the constellation Sagittarius. This mystery has never really been solved.

But the next mystery surprises even the Astronomers and their findings with scientific notes are on Nature, an expert site where you can find scientific reports and more interesting stuff like this.

A number of Astronomers came across photos that  they believe are particularly strange. This photo was taken on April 12, 1950 in Spain, the photos were still made using glass plate photography that requires an exposure of 30 minutes.

Courtesy Nature

An exposure is the amount of light that reaches the film or camera sensor when a picture is being taken. This photo was taken with the Telescopio Canarias with a light exposure of 30 minutes. The purple circles you see in the photo are artifacts created during the process.

This is what they say in  the scientific report. The 9 objects circled with green circles disappeared in the photo on the right taken 30 minutes later. Stars don’t just disappear, a dying star process  takes thousands up to about 100 million years.

Remember, this photo was taken seven years before the first satellite was ever launched.  So satellites can be excluded, as well as the report which excludes a number of possible explanations.

The story gets even crazier,  their first guess, contamination. Of course it happens that contamination takes place, this is usually two at the same time but never nine.

It wasn’t dust, because dust obscures light, it doesn’t produce it. Not Radioactive particles, because other plates would be affected as well.

The astronomers conclude that the 9 stars that look alike things circled in green were  objects orbiting our planet. They are reflecting sunlight from our own star. This is why they look  like stars. Just like our satellites you see today!

Reflections of unnatural objects intentionally placed into geostationary orbit around Earth years before we had the capability to do so, or it is the result of  high energy contamination from radioactive dust landing on the lens during exposure. The kind of dust that could only come from a nuclear bomb detonation.

They wrote, this is not possible because there were no atomic bombs detonated in 1950. If you read the scientific report between  the lines you quickly learn that they suggest  that unknown things were orbiting our planet. By definition, and I can say this now, by definition  these are UFOs because scientists cannot  explain or identify the flying objects.

What do you think they are, are we being watched from above? Are these spy satellites or do you think these are objects of extraterrestrial  origin? Use the comment section below.

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