Bariloche UFO Incident: Rock-solid True Story With Many Witnesses

“Open your brains, we are not alone in the universe,” these were the words by airplane captain Jorge Polanco. He is the central figure of the UFO incident that shook the country. This is the Bariloche UFO Case, featuring the aircraft crew and witnesses on board during the event who spoke about what they saw.

Bariloche UFO Incident

Polanco was preparing to land at Bariloche Airport on the rudder of an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 727 on the evening of July 31, 1995, when “a light, dim at first, then intense and dazzling, got between the airliner and the runway.”

The captain alerted the control tower right away, but received an unsettling response: there was no known aircraft. For 17 minutes, the weird light accompanied the Boeing and its 100 passengers.

The identical thing was seen by a Gendarmera aircraft that was also in the skies at the time. Another extraordinary event completed the scene: a sudden blackout at the airport.

The case had great repercussion in the media worldwide. I was even visited by NASA specialists. This was the most definite, real and spectacular case. I witnessed two other episodes in my career

Says airplane captain Jorge Polanco

“The case had great repercussion in the media worldwide. I was even visited by NASA specialists. This was the most definite, real and spectacular case. I witnessed two other episodes in my career,” says airplane captain Jorge Polanco.

After 15 years of experience, he sees the Argentinean Air Force’s interest in these issues as a positive, “provided that it’s done seriously.”

More UFO Incidents

The pilot pointed to two more incidents on February 6, 1995, when he was returning from Rio de Janeiro to Cordoba Airport when he was startled by a brilliant light. When he called the tower, he got the same response: “Unknown traffic.”

On August 11, 1996, there was yet another incident. As he flew over Trelew, he came into contact with a bright light for the third time. “I treat it as though it were a normal event.”

“I am confident that life exists on other systems,” Polanco reiterates,

“I never bothered making my case known because most people do not take it seriously,” he continued.

The crew of the 727, the crew of the military plane, and UFO experts met in Costanera on February 14th to discuss the issue. Polanco believes it is important to keep these events fresh.

At the moment when I started the last descent, I suddenly saw a white light which came directly on us at full speed in front of me, before instantly stopping at a hundred meters. When I started again the manoeuvers, the object made an odd turn to accompany our descent turn and to pace us at a hundred meters of us. After a while, the saucer, the size of an airliner, changed color, two green lights appearing at the ends with an orange gleam in the center which ignited intermittently,

Airplane captain Jorge Polanco

The affair was termed the “Bariloche Incident” by the press at the time. On July 31, 1995, a light followed Aerolineas Argentinas Flight 734 for 15 minutes, according to publications at the time. The instruments of the control tower failed during that quarter-hour, which coincided with an electrical blackout throughout the city of Bariloche, as they stated at the airport.

Polanco flew back to Buenos Aires with the same plane that night after landing and composing the report. “I felt like all the energy had been taken out of me. Did you see when you have a liver attack or do you get hit a lot? My whole body hurt. That night I told who at that time was my wife and did not believe me, she told me to loosen up with the wine.”

Bariloche UFO Incident Full Story

And the pilot’s story continues as if it happened yesterday, rather than 25 years ago: “In the cockpit there were three of us. The co-pilot and engineer were petrified. I had to do the maneuver alone and in constant communication with the control tower, in which the operators were seeing the same thing. After about 15 minutes that seemed like hours to me, it disappeared, the light returned and we were able to land.”

Polanco continued to travel on Airlines after the Bariloche incident. He was promoted to chief pilot and sent to fly missions in Europe. Now that he’s retired, he travels on his own and works for an airline insurance company.

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Journalist, the Passenger

Mariano de Vedia, a journalist with La Nacion, was flying on that plane to cover the Balseiro Institute’s 40th anniversary celebrations. This is how he recalls the events of 25 years ago.

The flight developed normally until at the moment of arriving in Bariloche they announced that the descent was beginning and at a certain moment we felt a strong, striking shake. After that they announced that the power at the airport had been cut off, which was going to force the plane to make a detour. My reaction was to look out the window. Of course nothing was seen. After half an hour, the plane landed. Once we arrived, at the airport there was no irregularity. In the morning Germán Sopeña, who was the general secretary of Redacción, calls me and asks me about the pilot who said he had seen a UFO and there I realized it was my flight. I started collecting testimonies from other passengers and no one had noticed any irregularities. It generated a lot of commotion, but what is the flight itself, the only irregularity was the shaking. I attribute it to the fact that something may have happened that forced the pilot to make a strange maneuver, now if it was a UFO or not, I had no reference

Mariano de Vedia

Without certainties, Polanco has a theory: “On my plane there were about 30 nuclear physicists to an event in Bariloche. I think without realizing it there is another world that is controlling and supervising us so that we don’t kill each other.”


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