The Black UFO Sighting Over Chicago

The black strange-looking UFO over Chicago is said to be the best-looking UFO sighting on camera, according to the tabloid The Sun.

A video appeared on the YouTube channel of Pen News on October 6, 2021. A short 34 second video depicting a black weird crutch shape object in the sky over Chicago.

All kinds of theories emerged, from sky cranes to Rosary balloons maar beiden claims worden ontkracht door ontbrekende bewijs.


We have studied the audio carefully and I see that the video recording is not original, it has been edited. There is an empty space that indicates the video that supposed coming from a cell phone ended up in a video editing software.

If it’s not a cut then it’s a glitch. A phone never makes such a glitch. This usually happens during rendering on the computer. If a computer has some hard time, you get glitches like that.


Tracking or motion tracking in video editing is that certain points in the video are used as reference points. You can then easily add 2D or 3D objects that move with the original video.

Good tracking

A good tracking consists of one or more tracking points that move stably with the objects in the video as you see in this demonstration.

Bad tracking

Bad tracking happens when one or more tracking points don’t have good reference points to follow. As a result, the tracking points jumps. When the bad tracking data is applied to a 2D/3D object, the object moves unnaturally and contradicts the original video.


Nothing is a coincidence in this video. Whenever the object starts to wiggle, the camera goes out of focus. This trick is often used by hoaxers to camouflage mistakes, they add gaussian blur camouflaging bad tracking. The video has been cut or it has a glitch.

In the official story it is said the girl in the video stayed and watched it until it disappeared from view about 20 minutes. But there is only 34 second video material.

A hoax video is usually accompanied by a big story. There is more story than video material.

Pen News writes: “Another UFO video, captured in Baltimore, Maryland, attracted a deluge of comments revealing identical sightings in numerous states.” This is not true. There are no similar UFO videos. In fact, there are no witnesses and there are no similar videos in or around Chicago with a population of 2.71 million.

Full breakdown

Watch the full breakdown of the Black UFO Sighting Over Chicago below.

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