Chinese Rover Finds Strange Objects on The Moon

Chinese rover photographed strange objects on the moon. Since the launch of Yutu-2 rover last year, China National Space Administration (CNSA) has been releasing photos of the far side of the moon which have revealed some strange objects. Some believe that these objects could be evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon, while others remain skeptical. Astral Citizens will take a closer look at these objects and explore both sides of the argument.

Chinese rover finds strange marble-shaped objects on the moon, could it be alien artifacts? Scientists believe to figure out what these objects are, and some believe that they could be evidence of extraterrestrial life.

What is Yutu-2 mission?


Yutu-2 is the second Chinese moon rover, part of the Chang’e program. It was launched on December 7, 2018, as a backup to the Yutu rover that failed in January 2014.

The mission objectives are to study the moon’s geological structure and mineral composition and to search for natural resources.

The rover is equipped with ground-penetrating radar to study the moon’s subsurface, a panoramic camera, and an infrared spectrometer to analyze the surface composition.

It is also carrying a 3kg payload of seeds and silkworm eggs, to test whether they can be grown on the moon. The rover has a nominal lifetime of three months.

The Chang’e program is named after the Chinese moon goddess and includes a series of lunar missions launched by China since 2003. The first rover, Yutu, was launched in 2013 and successfully landed on the moon. However, it failed to operate for more than three months due to a malfunction, reports ECNS.

What are the strange objects on the moon, what could they be evidence of?

In the far side of the moon, a photograph from China’s Yutu 2 shows a “Mystery Hut” on the horizon. (Photo courtesy of CNSA/Our Space)

There is much speculation about what is on the dark side of the moon.

Some believe that it is a place of great mystery, while others think that it is just a barren wasteland.

The Chinese rover has captured images of strange objects on the surface, that some belief could be evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon.

These objects are marble-sized and have a peculiar shape.

Scientists believe they have been able to determine what these objects are.

What do you think? Is there something lurking in the shadows, or is it just a coincidence that we can’t see what’s going on? One thing is for sure: the dark side of the moon has got us all intrigued!

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There are a lot of strange objects on the moon, and no one is really sure what they are.

Last year, a weird hut-like structure was discovered on the moon by the Chinese moon rover.

The strange discovery has left many people scratching their heads, as it’s not clear what the function of the structure is. Some experts have speculated that it might be used for storing equipment or as a shelter for the extraterrestrial.

Whatever the function of the structure may be, it’s definitely an intriguing discovery and will no doubt generate a lot of speculation and discussion among space enthusiasts.

Some people think they could be evidence of aliens, while others think they might be something else entirely. One thing is for sure: we still have a lot to learn about the moon!

It turns out that the “hut” in the picture above is actually a rock.

Hollow Moon

In addition to the hollow earth theory, there is also a hollow moon theory. Let’s be clear, there are all sorts of theories about the moon, and one of the most interesting is that it might be hollow.

This theory suggests that the moon is not made of solid rock, but instead is a giant empty space. This idea has been around for a long time, and there is no definitive proof that it is true or not.

Some people believe that the moon was created when a large object collided with Earth, creating the moon’s orbit. Others believe that the moon was created when another planet collided with Earth. There are even some people who believe that the moon was created by aliens!

No one really knows for sure how the moon was created, but it is an interesting topic to explore. The hollow moon theory is just one of the many theories out there, and it is up to you to decide if you believe it or not.

Are these objects really alien artifacts, or is there a more rational explanation?

Macroscopic translucent glass globules found by the Yutu-2 rover (Photo courtesy of Science China Press)

There is a more rational explanation for the objects found in the asteroid belt.

Scientists have suggested that they are actually just rocks that have been orbiting the sun for billions of years. This would explain why they look so different from anything else we’ve ever seen in our solar system.

It’s also possible that they were created by a comet or another object that broke up in the asteroid belt. So, while it’s fun to imagine that these objects are evidence of an alien civilization, there is a more rational explanation.

The team saw what may be glassy globules on the surface of Mars. They are translucent and spherical, with a light brown color that resembles coffee granules –like some found here at home!

These centimeter-sized balls deserve further investigation into their composition for scientists hoping to learn more about the moon’s history.

A panoramic camera installed onboard Yutu-2 Rover provides views on the far side of the moon; one such image shows an intriguing object sitting atop the moon’s surface.

The team believes the bizarrely colored orbs were “anorthosite,” a type of volcanic glass.

Clast-rich glass globules collected by the Apollo missions (Photo courtesy of Science China Press)

“Collectively, the peculiar morphology, geometry, and local context of the glass globules are consistent with being anorthositic impact glasses,” the researchers write in their paper on ScienceDirect.

It’s like what we have here on Earth. Volcanic glass is a type of glass formed when magma or lava cools rapidly. It is usually dark in color and has a smooth, glassy texture.

Volcanic glass can be found in many different shapes and sizes and is often used for jewelry and decorative objects. Volcanic glass can be found in many of the world’s oldest rock formations.

“As the first discovery of macroscopic and translucent glass globules on the Moon, this study predicts that such globules should be abundant across the lunar highland, providing promising sampling targets to reveal the early impact history of the Moon,” they publish.

Conclusion about the strange objects on the moon

There is still much to learn about the moon, and these objects are a good starting point.

Scientists believe that they are molted rocks, but skeptics believe that they could be proof of extraterrestrial life on the moon.

What do you think? Are these objects really evidence of aliens, or is there a more rational explanation?


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