Chris Brown Says He’s an Alien



Chris Brown, the American singer-songwriter and actor, says he is an alien. The statement came as a surprise to a radio host known as Big Boy when he interviewed Chris Brown on his show. In the interview, which took place on June 22, 2022, Big Boy asked Chris Brown if he believes in UFOs.

Radio host Kurt Alexander known as Big Boy asked Chris Brown if he believed in UFOs. Chris Brown immediately responded with a definite yes. Big Boy was surprised by his answer and asked why he thinks so. Chris Brown replied that he is an alien.

This is an example of someone using a specific detail to illustrate their point. Chris Brown’s response to the question about UFOs surprised the interviewer, and his explanation that he is an alien further illustrates his beliefs or sense of humor.

Chris Brown says he’s an alien during the interview with Big Boy.

The singer sat down with radio host personality Big Boy to discuss his upcoming album, Breezy, and when the topic of UFOs came up, Chris Brown said that he believes in them because he’s an alien.


When the radio host tried to get more information from the singer, Chris Brown was unable to elaborate on his claim and smiled.

“All right yeah Chris Brown he believes in UFOs… why do you believe?” Big Boy asked.

Because I’m an aliensays Chris Brown

Chris Brown made numerous references to space through his music videos and in his songs such as “Don’t Judge Me” from the 2012 album ‘Don’t Judge Me (Remixes) – EP‘. He even posted on Instagram that if aliens exist, he hopes that governments aren’t speaking on our behalf.

If aliens exist, I sure hope our governments aren’t speaking on our behalf. Cosmic disclosure will help us to get on the right path/frequency with the planet and break us free from this mental cage. But what do I know??? I’m just good at dancing, Chris Brown posted on his Instagram last yearSays Chris Brown on Instagram

Chris Brown / Instagram story by @theshaderoom

With that last bit, it seems like Chris is already aware that people will disregard his message. However, with a bunch of celebrities coming forward and speaking recently about their personal encounters with UFOs, including Post Malone and Baker Mayfield—we have no choice but to think that Chris Brown may be onto something.

Chris Brown is not ashamed when it comes to discussing conspiracies, but he may have a point about how celebrities are beginning to speak out about their encounters with UFOs.


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  1. Terry

    July 2, 2022 at 8:19 AM

    I definitely believe in UFOS but more importantly the occupants btw we today can artificially inseminate women just as in JESUS time the “gods ” had the technology to artificially inseminate the virgin Mary.. the star of Bethlehem was probably a UFO??? Y is it that only the 3 wise men could only follow the star????? I have many more biblical events that involve UFOS check out the annunaki 4 more evidence imo

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