CIA And Google Are Translating Extraterrestrial Messages, Claims Former Agent

According to John Ramirez, the CIA offered Google its technology to help with data exchange between alien civilizations, as well as to prepare for increased disclosure of UFOs, hybrids, and the future of information technology.

John Ramirez served at the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology, Directorate of Intelligence, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence from 1984 to 2009.

He worked his way up to GS-15 grade, which indicates he had a highly senior position at the agency.

On October 17, 2021, Ramirez made a splash in the UFO world when he appeared on the popular Witness Citizen podcast.

He is a highly brilliant man with extensive knowledge and expertise in the US intelligence establishment as well as the UAP issue.

Providing Information to the UFO Community

Ramirez is possibly the first former CIA official to use Twitter to connect with the UFO community.

He is dedicated to informing the public about the intelligence community’s structure and inner workings.

According to Ramirez, there is currently a knowledge gap among people in the UFO community.

Ramirez hopes that by arming researchers with the necessary knowledge, the community can improve its success rate, particularly when filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Ramirez gave a series of slides on the Project Unity channel to help scholars understand the FOIA procedure – usefully, Ramirez listed the appropriate agencies to contact when requesting particular sorts of material.

The presentation, which can be seen below, also include information on the history of UFOs as well as recent statements made by senior former US intelligence officials, including John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence.


Ramirez’s ascension has piqued the interest of some of the most well-known podcasters and other rising stars in the UFO field, including retired Marine Corps Intelligence Analyst Bob Plissken, who made the following remarks regarding Ramirez.

An Increasing Number Of Former CIA Chiefs Are Discussing UFOs

Ramirez has commented on the present UFO disclosure process, and it appears that his opinions are influenced by current or former members of the intelligence community, as well as those affiliated with the Department of Defense.

Ramirez stated in a recent interview on Project Unity that the US government does not discuss the passengers of UFO craft at this time.

This is a noteworthy statement from Ramirez, who has stated that UFOs could be a type of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Ramirez isn’t the first CIA official to argue that UFOs could be a form of extraterrestrial intelligence. Former CIA Director John Brennan stated earlier this year that UFOs could be “another type of life.”

Ramirez’s remarks come only months after James Woolsey, another former CIA director, reported an incident in which a plane was “paused” at 40,000 feet by a UFO.

This could indicate that information about UFOs emanating from non-human intelligence exists within the CIA. Former CIA officer Jim Semivan has been arguing for years that this is the case.

Semivan was awarded the agency’s Career Intelligence Medal, which recognizes remarkable achievements that have made a significant contribution to the agency’s mission.

The credentials of Ramirez and the other CIA officials stated above cannot be questioned. It’s unclear if Ramirez has any ties to Semivan, Woolsey, or Brennan.

Do these remarks imply that these former CIA officers are laying the groundwork for future declarations from current senior CIA officials?

It may appear that way, especially because Ramirez indicated in his Project Unity interview that the CIA cleared his presentations.

If the US’s most powerful intelligence agency had maintained secrecy for decades, such maneuvering by the US’s most powerful intelligence agency would be expected to avoid a public relations disaster.


Ramirez said that humans are hybrids in an interview with Project Unity. He stated that Lue Elizondo is unable to speak the word “hybridization,” and that Pentagon officials expect him to do so at some point.

Despite the fact that Elizondo has not said this word, he has begun to discuss the origins of humanity, questioning how much of our own past we actually know.

Elizondo posed the subject on the Theories of Everything podcast on whether humans had engaged with non-human intelligences for thousands of years. This could indicate a collective amnesia about our own history, which could obscure the possibility that humans are extraterrestrial hybrids.

Schedule for Propagation

Elizondo may be working to a schedule, according to Ramirez. Furthermore, he claims that we are experiencing a programmed dissemination rather than disclosure, implying that things must be set up before other things may be exposed.

According to Ramirez, the James Webb telescope’s forthcoming launch and activation could lead to new discoveries: “they” may “have to look at some area in space and then there will be some type of reveal,” he says.

This could lead us down an interesting path. NASA received two hand-me-down telescopes from the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in 2012, which are similar to the Hubble Telescope. This raises the possibility that the NRO is in possession of significant (but classified) space telescopes capable of making groundbreaking discoveries.

These Articles Are Meant For You

Ramirez indicated in his Project Unity interview that the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) might play a key role in the so-called planned dissemination process.

Ramirez recently tweeted that the “dissemination process” appears to be “quickening” as of late.

If this is correct, it might suggest that major events will occur in the next months. If this happens, it could generate problems for US allies such as the United Kingdom and Australia, which appear to be dismissive of UFOs.

For example, if the United States produces a stunning UFO footage or takes a firmer stand on the validity of UFOs, it might embarrass such countries and put public and political pressure on them.

Orbs: What Is Their Unsettling Reality?

Spiritual experiences appear to be linked to orbs. Witnesses such as Chris Bledsoe claim to have witnessed and photographed similar occurrences. However, to our knowledge, the scientific veracity of such orbs has never been publicly verified.

This would imply that different sorts of UFOs, such as triangles, saucers, orbs, and possibly even tic tacs, had diverse beginnings.

It’s worth noting that Ramirez’s own childhood encounters with UFOs contained orbs. These orbs continue to appear to him to this day.

The presence of orbs really threw everything at a higher pitch, because they couldn’t explain the orbs, and these aren’t your grandfather’s saucers,

Said Ramirez on Project Unity,

His credentials have been verified again again, and Ramirez’s claims must be regarded seriously.

Enough of Ramirez’s intelligence community information can be verified by someone like Bob Plissken.

Ramirez has enough credibility now that we know he is who he claims he is to be included as our first highlighted figure from #UFOTwitter.

We believe Ramirez will play an important role in the community in the coming months, particularly if additional information emerges.

Keep your eyes open for more information. Characters like Ramirez might be the beginning of a storm surge of others emerging from the shadows. More high-profile personalities are expected to join the dialogue shortly, according to Lue Elizondo.

For the time being, we advise our readers to follow John Ramirez on Twitter. Please also listen to his fantastic interviews on the Witness Citizen and Project Unity broadcasts, which are available below.

Watch Video

John Ramirez claims the CIA essentially provided Google their search engine and the Google Maps server in exchange for Google’s assistance in translating and communicating extraterrestrial messages.

The claims made in the video above align well with the new Roswell documentation detailing the alien remains.


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