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Community Standards

The Astral Citizens Community Standards spell out what is and isn’t permitted on the platform.


People use Astral Citizens on a daily basis to share their UFO encounters, interact with friends and admirers, and form communities. It’s a platform that allows people to freely express themselves across borders, cultures, and the universe.

We understand how vital it is for Astral Citizens to be a place where people feel free to express themselves, and we take our part in preventing abuse very seriously. That is why we established guidelines for what is and is not permitted on Astral Citizens.

These guidelines are based on public feedback and guidance from professionals in disciplines such as technology, public safety, and human rights. We take great care to design standards that encompass multiple viewpoints and opinions, especially from people and communities who might otherwise be disregarded or excluded, to ensure that everyone’s voice is acknowledged.

Our commitment to speaking out

The purpose of our Community Standards is to provide a safe space for people to express themselves and to give them a voice. The Astral Citizens wants people to be allowed to openly discuss matters that are important to them, even if others disagree or find them disagreeable. We occasionally allow content that would otherwise violate our guidelines if it is noteworthy and in the public interest. We only do so after assessing the public interest value against the danger of harm, and we base our decisions on international human rights principles.

Our dedication to freedom of expression is vital, but we know that the internet opens up new and expanded avenues for abuse. As a result, when we limit expression, we do it in the service of one or more of the values listed below:


We want to make sure that the content on Astral Citizens is genuine. We feel that authenticity fosters better sharing, which is why we don’t want anyone to use Astral Citizens to misrepresent themselves or their activities.


We’re working hard to make Astral Citizens a secure environment. Threatening content is not permitted on Astral Citizens because it has the ability to frighten, exclude, or silence others.


We are dedicated to safeguarding personal information and privacy. People can be themselves, select how and when to share on Astral Citizens, and connect more freely when they have privacy.


We think that everyone has the same dignity and rights. We expect people to treat others with decency and not harass or demean them.

Norms in the Community

Everyone, everywhere, and for all forms of information is subject to our Community Standards. We don’t allow and is not limited to:

  • Incitement to violence and violence
  • Individuals and Organizations that are Dangerous
  • Coordinating Harm and Making Crime Public
  • Restricted Services and Goods
  • Deception and Fraud
  • Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Nudity Suicide and Self-Injury
  • Sexual Exploitation of Adults
  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Exploitation of Humans
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Hateful Remarks
  • Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity Violent and Graphic Content
  • Account Integrity and Authentic Identity in Sexual Solicitation
  • Spam
  • Cybersecurity
  • Behavior that is not genuine
  • Manipulated Media Memorialization of False News

Other regulations and agreements that may apply to you

The most recent revision was made on January 1, 2022.