Cow Abducted by Aliens and Falls Through The Roof of a Barn

A cow falls through the roof or a barn. Rumors are a UFO abducted the cow but there is no evidence to support that claim and nowhere can the farmer’s statement be found. This case is still not solved why the cow felt through the roof.

In this video I want to bring awareness to an unresolved case from last year. We hope this publicity will bring an answer.

On the internet I came across a remarkable video in which UFO fanatics indirectly suggest that the video it has a connection with cow mutilation, a theory in which animals are mutilated.

It is a strange situation, a security camera is installed in the barn in which a cow suddenly falls from the sky, with a high speed the cow falls through the roof.

What do I know about this video?

This took place in 2020, American investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe tried to contact the farmer but he was not interested in responding. No media attention has been paid except one Brazilian news outlet. No names, no place, nothing. Just reposts from UFO pages on Tiktok and Youtube that label this far too easily and too quickly as a UFO event.

Normally if I can’t find any background at all it’s a red flag, but sometimes, very sometimes not. As in this case, the farmer may simply not want media attention, especially if his cow falls through a roof. He wants to avoid animal protection and hate from animal lovers.

The video is very real, there is no doubt about that. The lack of context makes it so difficult to answer the next question: Why did the cow fall from the sky?

Here are some possible theories: The hurricane theory, if you look closely you see that the cow does not fall straight down. There is evidence that the cow had some velocity due to the fact he falls diagonally. Hurricanes do occasionally swallow and spit out animals but there is no evidence of a storm in the video recording.

Secondly, no living creature weighing 1,000 KG survives such a hard impact. Better yet, a 10-meter or higher impact kills a cow instantly. This means one thing, the height can’t be that high. The altitude the cow has fallen is not that high.

The next theory: The cow walks on the roof. It really does happen that cows walk on roofs. But if you look at the roof, this is about a corrugated galvanized iron roof. The structure on which the roof rests is made of thin wood, not designed to stand on. As soon as the full weight of the cow is leaning on the roof it will immediately collapse.

Watch the video again. It only takes four seconds for people to get there. This mean, that they were aware of the situation with the cow.

What is the possible situation?

The cow has climbed up somewhere that connects to the barn. Maybe the farmers lifted the cow with a crane but the moment they moved the crane the cow slipped through the ropes(this explains the speed in his fall). But when that happens, the cow rolls forward or backward. So this explanation is very unlikely. What we think happened is the cow jumped off (or walked off) a roof or something slightly higher than the roof of the barn.

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