Did Michael Nice of Icini Studios fake his death?

On December 21, 2018, the YouTube channel Icini Studios declared the death of Mister Nice. Did Michael Nice fake his death?

Yes, Michael Nice of Icini Studios has fake his death. The serial hoaxer that constantly produces hoaxes to make the viewer believe that the rapper 2PAC is still alive was declared alive a year later. Astral Citizens received a mild threat on Facebook three days after his death from Nice to leave his channel alone which confirms he staged his death.

Astral Citizens’s findings appeared on DailyStar and eventually the truth came out, Mr. Nice is not dead. Nice is known as a transparent hoaxer who constantly makes bizarre claims that the rap icon Tupac Shakur is alive, usually accompanied by hoaxes.

Photo Hoax

In a video of September 12, 2018, he holds a picture in which two white and one black man are depicted. Nice claims the black man is proof that rapper icon Tupac Shakur is alive. This photo originates from NOLS and Tupac is in fact Will Bunten Wamaru.

Mike Tyson

In a video of August 6, 2018, Nice claimed that Mike Tyson left him a voice message. But when Astral Citizens confronted Nice, the YouTube channel Icini Studios admitted it is a hoax 


Tabloids like The Sun refer to a statement made by Michael Nice to TMZ. 

“Michael previously told TMZ: Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac?”

Michael Nice stole this from Suge Knight. In 2014, Knight told TMZ that Tupac was actually alive, saying, “Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac? Because Tupac not dead. If he was dead, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island.”

Michael Nice of Icini Studios claims he helped the rapper disappear and was previously a member of the Black Panthers. It strongly seems that Mr. Nice is playing a fictional life of Tupac Shakur.

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