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Gareth Davies

Yea forgive my lack of links and I will start providing some over the next few days to the videos I have mentioned in this topic I’m currently working in different regions in my country so everything done from my phone but once home Friday or Saturday I will do follow ups.

Please let me say that Bill Cooper is an incredibly interesting person and people should follow him but instead of following his death by the sheriffs first follow his early days because he was a genuine celebrity who people listened and admired but he was so against the system in place that he became so toxic.

I can’t say everything he spoke on had 100% merit but after his death a lot of things come to light including a 1 power.

This man was saying this in the 80’s too.

Yes Alex Jones is what I would consider the perfect mule for disinformation where you give someone so many important facts in order to get ppl interested to then dilute that information with outlandish stories and in the end people can only see grey rather than black and white.

Princess Dianna was a perfect example of this. I worked in private security for 11yrs and I can tell you this that no driver would ever be allowed to drive a car “drunk” not at that level you don’t even get to be in the vicinity unless your so rigid and so right that there’s no room for error including being in a protected car with safety features other vehicles don’t have.

Over the weekend I will follow up these posts with links to stories and actual live footage of FBI director Mike *something* who is recorded stating that he was approached by CIA regarding control of drug imports to America.

Look forward to sharing interests with anyone concerned. 🙂