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@kaizen damn, now i’m going to miss you on youtube. Coincidentally, I filled out a YouTube survey yesterday and I got questions like:

1. How safe do I feel as a creator
2. How valued do I feel as a creator
3. How happy I feel as a creator

I had to explain in text fields why I felt so negative about YouTube and your story compliments my answers 100%.

I’m trying to understand why YouTube banned you but if this is just an opinion then this is incomprehensible. Content creators and users need to wake up because things can go well for months or years, but one day you wake up to terrible news like this. It has happened to me 3 times since 2007.

Here you can express your opinion and I don’t care about what and I know you. You are the last person on earth to make hateful comments. You have your opinion but always with respect.

You know what, this social media site needs an extra moderator. Interested?

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