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Gareth Davies

Well I will use my old account to sign back to some of my subscriptions Heathcliff, lionsground and a few others but as far as making comments go on videos outside of my subscriptions I don’t think I will bother leaving any.

The email said (repeated violations too). I have never had a single warning from YouTube before so if I’m honest I think I’ve been reported.

I said something about the Kyle ryttenhouse shootings too in the comments section the same night which also carried a lot of negative energy.

I made a comment in reference to someone saying it was a racial killing

1 white American shoots 3 people killing 2 white Americans and injuring 1 white American.

The person was unable to differentiate between

Possible racial aggravated actions leading to someone’s death and 3 white Americans being shot by a 17yr old white American teen.

This went back and too and I realised I was losing this engagement based on the person to angry to see I wasn’t supporting what happened but these 3 shootings was nothing at all to do with race.

Then I said if you go to Texas you get a free gun whenever you buy a pack of smokes 😂 (I found it funny)

My whole involvement there was what stupid law is written that allows a 17yr old to carry an AR15 assault rifle.

Then I criticised the police for allowing protesters to be pushed into the militia.

To be honest I think comments are a waste of time these days on YouTube so I won’t be doing it on this other account.

I feel sorry for people with content and ho don’t realise they crossed a line and without warning have all their work taken down.

That’s my first ever run in with YouTube