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Hello. Cool stuff. Thanks for letting me in the conversation. I am big into UFOs and all related and enjoying giving my opinion on it. I know UFOs are real and visit us frequently especially me. Ive been seeing them since 2009. Some are quite beautiful other ominous looking. I lol at social media people looking for disclosure from out side force. Who ever pilots the phenomenon has shown off personality to me at times. I believe anything that has personality has a soul imo. Lots of people from internet will say to me stay away they’re demons but I’ve had contrary experiences. The only issues ive had was since I see them and know theyre real why they dont help us now. Their intentions are quite obscure to me since first time ive seen them to recent last. With all that there is connection with CE5 the UFO pilots whomever they are are definitely telepathic I know this because they’ve shown when I inter monolog request it. Thanks for ability to share here. Be safe.