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I am always on the lookout for that rare place for genuine encounters.Especially where your not jumped on,laughed at or have negative comments when you share.Hard to find.

I became involved in the UFO world in 1971. When we were outside playing kick the can in a field,I’d been hiding in a large field on the southern outskirts of Baton Rouge Louisiana.

I was listening to voices,choosing my time to try my luck running in.

All of a sudden,I felt an sudden sense of quiet.I looked up,there was a very big cylindrical object floating by.Just a seeming few feet above the telegraph poles.

I could see metalwork like ladders,door hatches,details.

It stopped just to my right and forward abit..dim red lights. A hatch on the bottom opened,pulsing red light.The light was inside.

I remember staring at it. Saw nothing moving,no aliens..just this UFO. It seemed just for a moment before the door closed and it slowly,silently moved to the SW.

Away out of site within a minute.

Turns out,I Got in trouble for being gone for over a half hour. I didn’t feel like it was so long.

My mother did not believe me. It was just 12 years ago before an Englishman did,who had me draw it.

This was around the same time of the Pascagoula sitings.