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There was some years back, when I was just begining my new life back in my home town, after a failed college attempt, that a bright light , like a star in the sky, but brighter and lower in altitude was beginning to be noticed by myself, also.  

But don’t get me wrong, the way it looked was believably to the decor of either a star or a vessel of unknown origin.

So, I will also go ahead and get it out what happened one night as I was laying under my carport on a bench looking up at the sky . . . .

A bright light, about 200 yards away and maybe just as many up, slowly moved out from behind the treeline on the fairest side of my neighborhood circle.

I was a little surprised and began making different faces at it * as if whomever could see and was looking at me *

The vessel and occupant paused and slowly moved back in the direction came.

  • Next couple days later . . .

I was returning home from out of the neighborhood, on foot. I turned into the side of the yard to cut the corner off and walked across the grass, reaching the edge of the carport. Well, well, well, Whatdyu know, ? . . . Before me, in person, was a man I have never seen before, but boilsrterd no extra attention from me, . . . , as I passed right on by him and in through the screen door, held open by my mother and into the house.