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    Hey everyone!

    I have some good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news.

    We just found out that Facebook is suppressing our news articles. Our followers are not receiving our news articles we share on our Facebook page.

    Now for the good news: We have a solution!

    We now have a Telegram channel!

    It’s the best way to keep up with the latest news about UFOs, and all of our posts will go up on Telegram first (so you get access to articles as soon as they’re published).

    Telegram is 100% privacy-focused, encrypted, and a platform that doesn’t block or censor content. so even if Facebook decides our stuff is too radical for its users, you’ll be able to stay in the loop!

    Join us on Telegram!


    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.


    Typical facebook !
    It became one big joke it self this platform nowadays i find…


    ---- Nothing is over until the last record spin ! ----


    Totally true just like other platforms. This is what I mailed Facebook:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for your email but you are not being completely honest with me and you are trying to shift this to the user. I can see from the impressions that Facebook does not recommend blog share type of posts. As shown, posts with media files with worse captions perform better, but that’s because Facebook recommends it to the page followers.

    This doesn’t happen exclusively to me, I know a few people who experience this too and I bet if I contact page owners they have the same problem. According to a study, posts with links are penalized by Facebook’s algorithm and get less engagement.

    The image below shows the result, my type of post can be categorized as “Status”. The worse performing type of post on Facebook when adding a link.

    I see no reason to continue advertising on Facebook, what is the point of advertising to get more page followers if Facebook is suppressing my blog shares to my followers.

    I will demand a refund for the deception and non-performance of the end product. You can transfer this to PayPal account [email protected]

    If Facebook does not comply with this, I am forced to take legal action for deception, manipulation and non-performance of the end product.

    Waiting for your response,

    Heathcliff Spencer Peters

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.

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