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    Gareth Davies

    I’m not a content creator I use YouTube for entertainment only.

    Today I revised an email on one of my 2 YouTube accounts.

    It was nothing to do with having multiple accounts it was simply because I’ve made several comments in the comments section about regulations in regards to any vaccine made without good data on long term affects.

    Then I referenced an American woman in a video screaming at a guy because he hadn’t had his jab.

    I can’t remember word for word but I said some Americans are so fanatical when it comes to voting for next president, vaccine or gun laws.

    I did not say anything bad about Americans and nor would I have a reason too as people are individuals but I was blaming the government set up where they pair one side against another in nearly everything they do.

    Woke up today to find one of my accounts closed however they haven’t closed my other account so I will use that for now.

    My argument is this

    I get banned for “hateful negative speech”

    Yet I can click on a YouTube short and without any warning whatsoever it opens with a chicken getting its head cut off or a dog eaten by an alligator 🤬.

    It deeply saddens me to see an animal be hurt and I don’t use YouTube for that kind of content but I find that uploading this kind of stuff is more harmful than a comment being abusive (which I wasn’t abusive).

    Anything at all to do with vaccine I’m starting to realise there no wiggle room.


    @kaizen damn, now i’m going to miss you on youtube. Coincidentally, I filled out a YouTube survey yesterday and I got questions like:

    1. How safe do I feel as a creator
    2. How valued do I feel as a creator
    3. How happy I feel as a creator

    I had to explain in text fields why I felt so negative about YouTube and your story compliments my answers 100%.

    I’m trying to understand why YouTube banned you but if this is just an opinion then this is incomprehensible. Content creators and users need to wake up because things can go well for months or years, but one day you wake up to terrible news like this. It has happened to me 3 times since 2007.

    Here you can express your opinion and I don’t care about what and I know you. You are the last person on earth to make hateful comments. You have your opinion but always with respect.

    You know what, this social media site needs an extra moderator. Interested?

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.


    Do they close your entire account because you leave a comment with your own opinion? Youtube is going from bad to worse. I didn’t know that a channel can be deleted /banned because of this.

    Did you post that comment on your own channel or on someone else’s channel? It doesn’t make any sense !!!
    Whoever controls a channel is responsible for the comments posted on his channel.

    But the worst part is that there was nothing offensive in your comment. You just had an opinion. Are people not allowed to have an opinion anymore?

    There are indeed much worse videos and comments on youtube.

    It’s very sad

    Gareth Davies

    Well I will use my old account to sign back to some of my subscriptions Heathcliff, lionsground and a few others but as far as making comments go on videos outside of my subscriptions I don’t think I will bother leaving any.

    The email said (repeated violations too). I have never had a single warning from YouTube before so if I’m honest I think I’ve been reported.

    I said something about the Kyle ryttenhouse shootings too in the comments section the same night which also carried a lot of negative energy.

    I made a comment in reference to someone saying it was a racial killing

    1 white American shoots 3 people killing 2 white Americans and injuring 1 white American.

    The person was unable to differentiate between

    Possible racial aggravated actions leading to someone’s death and 3 white Americans being shot by a 17yr old white American teen.

    This went back and too and I realised I was losing this engagement based on the person to angry to see I wasn’t supporting what happened but these 3 shootings was nothing at all to do with race.

    Then I said if you go to Texas you get a free gun whenever you buy a pack of smokes 😂 (I found it funny)

    My whole involvement there was what stupid law is written that allows a 17yr old to carry an AR15 assault rifle.

    Then I criticised the police for allowing protesters to be pushed into the militia.

    To be honest I think comments are a waste of time these days on YouTube so I won’t be doing it on this other account.

    I feel sorry for people with content and ho don’t realise they crossed a line and without warning have all their work taken down.

    That’s my first ever run in with YouTube

    Gareth Davies

    Ref to moderation:

    Well I’m always happy to assist in something like this because I enjoy open discussions indiscriminate of topics.

    My mum finishes her cancer treatment next Friday and she’s all cleared 🙂 so after next weekend I would be happy to help out.




    First of all I am glad that your mother is almost finished with her treatment, spoil her with a nice dinner or something she will like it!

    About YouTube, yes that sounds familiar. The problem with YouTube, they use ready-made templates to respond. Most likely this is not a human decision but an AI/bot because, as in this case, there is no logic.

    About Kyle Ryttenhouse, yes I agree. What is a child doing with a rifle and is a child playing like a cowboy. Yeah yeah to protect stores …. isn’t that the job for cops? Did his parents know what he was up to? if so, great parents.

    There is indeed a race issue going on, imagine if he was Afro American, then the case would have turned out differently. Then he couldn’t have walked past the police cars in the first place with a rifle dangling on his back.

    It’s not the kid’s fault, it’s the system’s fault.

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.



    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.

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