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    Debunking the debunker Mick West, well, sounds a little bit weird don’t you think? It is like it is.

    In my feed suddenly appeared a video posted two weeks ago on debunker Mick West’s YouTube channel suggesting that the white flying object in the Beaver Utah video is a bug because it’s the simplest explanation. However, the video lacks one thing, the proof. Proof the video is authentic or not. Mick said at the end of the video: “a bug fits best and it’s the simplest explanation by far”.

    I think Mick West is a nice person, I like his work and I don’t have a problem with him either, but I don’t always have to agree with what he says. In my opinion, he is starting to look more and more like those YouTubers from the past who predicted the end of the world through numbers. So I gave my opinion and Mick reacted a bit scornful, but I’ll come back to that in a moment.

    The Beaver Utah UFO video. Published on January 11, 2019 on Brian Hanley’s YouTube channel. He was even been so kind to provide the RAW FOOTAGE, Brian claims, unedited clean original video material. The first impression I get, yes the video seems to be original based on the data but I always keep in mind that this can be manipulated.

    The video is recorded at 60 frames per second. Why was it recorded higher than 30 fps?

    The only reason you’re recording a higher frame rate is because you want to lower the fps in your post production to create a buttery slow motion effect but that looks weird in a drone footage. Another reason is to prevent distortion when making fast movements. But the original goal of high fps is for slow motion in post production. That is the ultimate goal.

    Higher fps is not better: High framerate does not mean better quality it has a different purpose. Higher frame rate like 60fps or higher is for making cool slow motion videos.

    Then I look at the situation. It is daytime with lots of sunlight. In a daylight situation you don’t want the ISO higher than 100.

    What’s the Aperture? The aperture allows you to control the depth of field in your videos. The lower the aperture, the more light you allow to travel through the lens. However, the DJI drone used in this recording has a fixed aperture of F2.2. Unlike a normal DSLR camera, you cannot change this setting.

    Shutter Speed = The law of 180 is FPS * 2. If you record at 25FPS then the shutter speed is 50, 30fps 60, 60fps 120.
    This is where Mick West goes wrong. Quote: “Your point about motion blur is wrong. It’s exactly consistent with 1/60th second frame rate, and 1/120th second exposure.”

    The law of 180, 1/60th second frame rate is what? 60 divided by 2 = 30FPS. Mick West theorizes here based on a video in 30fps.
    When you download the original video and view the metadata you will see that the video was recorded at 60fps (which is a bit weird because in his video he confirmed the right bit rate). This framerate or higher provides smoother motion, dit is evident when the drone pans hard to left. The background, mid, and close range shows almost no motion blur.

    Why Mick West uses exposure in his argument goes beyond me. An exposure is influenced by the aperture and the shutter speed and since the DJi has a fixed aperture of F2.2 and it was shot during the day, the ISO is not higher than 100 you already know what to expect what shot you get with these settings.

    What is Exposure?

    Exposure is the amount of light which reaches your camera sensor or film. It is a crucial part of how bright or dark your video appear. Long exposure is sometimes used to create cool effects like long light streaks.

    Unlike Mick who theorizes about bugs, I prefer to stick to the available evidence.

    1. The video was shot with a DJi type 1 Drone
    2. The DJi type 1 drone has a fixed aperture of F2.2.
    3. Download the raw footage (not the YouTube video) made available on Google Drive. Right mouse button on the file, properties, details. You see the video frame rate is 60fps. Remember, high framerate doesn’t mean better quality it has a different purpose. Higher frame rate such as 60fps or higher is for slow motion.
    4. The fast pan movement barely shows any motion blur, showing that the shot has a Shutter Speed twice the value of the fps, i.e. 120.
    5. Frames rates above 30fps, including the most popular 60fps, are best reserved for times when there’s a lot of motion. This is why there’s barely motionblur with fast pan movements in this video.
    6. These recording conditions is the rule, nothing but absolutely nothing escapes the rule, not even the white flying object that Mick West calls a bug.
    7. The white object makes a movement towards the camera. Under these recording conditions there should be no blur at all. The motion blur was therefore manufactured. The camera has a lot more trouble registering a hard pan ward movement than a movement towards the camera because Mick’s bug can’t reach the speed it needs to cause a blur like that and due to the fact that the speed is many times lower than the objects that move caused by the pan ward movement. The “bug/ufo” motion blur is contrary to the rule. This white object was added afterwards in post-production.

    Planet Xtreme says: “Your claim about too much motion blur is kind of useless, though”

    I’m not saying that, I am saying the object should not have a motion blur at all or at least natural blur but that’s not the case in this video. The rest of your comment has already been answered in the beginning of this video.

    “One bug is not necessarily like another bug,” says Mick. I’ve looked through several insect reports provided by farmers over the years in Beaver, UT and none qualify. Name me one bug that flies in such a nice straight line and bright white, good luck.

    There are so many things that are not right and this is the most important piece of evidence present in the alleged UFO video. The blur is unnatural and created by an editing program because the object does not respect the rule of thumb. The first reason is explained and demonstrated in the beginning of this video, the second reason is the blur jitters. That doesn’t happen in a 60fps, this is typical low fps or just bad attempt hoaxing.

    I don’t believe in coincidence. This produced UFO video was created by filmmakers. The video ends on a journalist’s channel who has absolutely no affiliation with UFOs. Hint hint publicity stunt and it worked well.

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.

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