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    Steven Greer

    Former employee of Steven Greer wrote the following email to me on July 26, 2021.

    I have a lot to tell you. I’ll send multiple videos edited into one showcasing things for convenience.

    OK; so how did I end up working for Dr. Steven Greer?

    I used to be a fan of his – a big fan. I was obsessed with UFOs, and heard that he knew a way to them. Naive, I believed him, and what he said. I joined every thing of his, followed his social media, even followed the CE5 subreddit (inactive) and joined an unofficial CE5 Discord.

    So when he was livestreaming one day, I joined and said I was from the fan CE5 Discord. Dr. Steven Greer’s account responded asking what discord was, and he ended up making his own discord; he then made me head moderator. The social media management team (their company is named Pursuing X) later contacted me asking if I would work for them on Dr. Steven Greer’s social media channels, and I obliged. I got paid a little over 1200 dollars over the 3 months I worked there; on and off about 1-2 hours per day (12 hour work week); but that often fluctuated on what was happening that day. I also edited videos and made special FX for the company.

    My job was to reply to direct messages on facebook and twitter; I also had to reply to comments on youtube, instagram, twitter, and facebook. I was told to delete certain comments that didn’t agree with him, which I did. I also signed a contract saying that I wouldn’t give out any passwords to any other organization; but I wasn’t told in the contract to not talk about anything I did so here I am.

    I am very against what Dr. Steven Greer does, because after working for him I learned how much he lied to and misled his following. Like telling me to delete comments that didn’t follow what he was saying – I was creating an echo chamber for the conspiracy theorists who trusted what he said. I didn’t realize how destructive the work I was doing was until I was fired (because my boss was fired for stealing money from him – sorry I can’t prove it, the way I know was because I was called about it and unfortunately didn’t record the call). I was also required on the job to make social media posts 1 per social media platform per day, and occasionally 2 per day (like twitter). Dr. Steven Greer also managed his instagram DMs himself, but that might have changed under the new social media management team.

    Once I was fired from my boss, I still had access to the Discord and was a head mod there for about 4 months. I didn’t really do anything there for the time I was a mod on it (except make server icons), but I did secretly tell people who DMd me questions to stop following Dr. Steven Greer, as he was a liar. I never got caught telling people that but I did. I eventually left the discord after telling the other moderators my thoughts on him (not nice ones).

    One thing I have to say is this – Dr. Steven Greer manipulates people who don’t know better. Often, when I direct messaged people on facebook who sent Dr. Steven Greer a message, I could tell they were not the “smartest” or were mentally deficient in some way, or paranoid. That was actually the main reason I hate him the most. He takes advantage of these people and I feel terrible for also facilitating some of their beliefs by deleting messages that were true (like; “DR STEVEN GREER IS A SHILL” or “This is all horseshit”).

    The final section of the video I sent (edited one) has a full overview of an app Dr. Steven Greer created but then deleted – the reason being is because the old app has slightly different claims from what he now claims. He claims in the old app you can see a compass magnetically shift when an ET craft visits you. I’ve never seen him mention that since, but that’s just one example.

    The old app is not available on the google play store anymore – but I downloaded and installed it before then.

    Feel free to share the information I shared with you with anyone else [or ask me questions]; but if possible, please mask my identity if it is shown in any of the video(s) I sent you. I would appreciate that. That includes first and/or last names/middle names.

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.


    Hello. Cool stuff. Thanks for letting me in the conversation. I am big into UFOs and all related and enjoying giving my opinion on it. I know UFOs are real and visit us frequently especially me. Ive been seeing them since 2009. Some are quite beautiful other ominous looking. I lol at social media people looking for disclosure from out side force. Who ever pilots the phenomenon has shown off personality to me at times. I believe anything that has personality has a soul imo. Lots of people from internet will say to me stay away they’re demons but I’ve had contrary experiences. The only issues ive had was since I see them and know theyre real why they dont help us now. Their intentions are quite obscure to me since first time ive seen them to recent last. With all that there is connection with CE5 the UFO pilots whomever they are are definitely telepathic I know this because they’ve shown when I inter monolog request it. Thanks for ability to share here. Be safe.


    Hey @guttergawker thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m very curious about your stories so feel free to fill this forum with videos you’ve seen online but certainly your own personal stories. That’s what this social media site is meant for people like you who can seriously share something without shame.

    People don’t understand why I do what I do but I try to keep ufology clean from pollution. I’m referring to disinformation that only hurts true stories.

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.


    I definitely will. Im 50 years old with four small grandkids so when I get time I will start my own blog about each UFO encounter ive had. It is 145 am in Chicago so look for me tomorrow. Everyone on holiday this week be thankful and let go anxiety there is def higher source in charge of us. Good nite


    Four small grandkids is a handful but fun 🤣 Good night!

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.



    I am always on the lookout for that rare place for genuine encounters.Especially where your not jumped on,laughed at or have negative comments when you share.Hard to find.

    I became involved in the UFO world in 1971. When we were outside playing kick the can in a field,I’d been hiding in a large field on the southern outskirts of Baton Rouge Louisiana.

    I was listening to voices,choosing my time to try my luck running in.

    All of a sudden,I felt an sudden sense of quiet.I looked up,there was a very big cylindrical object floating by.Just a seeming few feet above the telegraph poles.

    I could see metalwork like ladders,door hatches,details.

    It stopped just to my right and forward abit..dim red lights. A hatch on the bottom opened,pulsing red light.The light was inside.

    I remember staring at it. Saw nothing moving,no aliens..just this UFO. It seemed just for a moment before the door closed and it slowly,silently moved to the SW.

    Away out of site within a minute.

    Turns out,I Got in trouble for being gone for over a half hour. I didn’t feel like it was so long.

    My mother did not believe me. It was just 12 years ago before an Englishman did,who had me draw it.

    This was around the same time of the Pascagoula sitings.


    @starwalker1 you don’t have to worry about that. We enforce the rules so that everyone feels free and welcome, unlike other social networks where things go wild.

    You saw a very big cylindrical object? That’s madness! Is that a one-off or have you seen this more than once in your life?

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.

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