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    Mandy Caldwell

    Ugh, you guys. I’m just TIRED.

    I can’t stop thinking about aliens.

    I mean, like, have you ever seen one? I haven’t, but that’s beside the point. Either they’re out there and we don’t know it yet, or they’re not and we need to find them so we can colonize another planet because it’s not like we can keep destroying this one forever. It’s like, do we even have a PLAN for what happens next if Earth is no longer habitable?

    It’s just that climate change is starting to seem pretty serious and it feels like we should be doing more to prepare for a second home in case something happens to this one… but also like, what if aliens are real and they’re just waiting to show up and save us all?? What do you think?

    However, name your favorite alien movie is Alien (1979)

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