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    On Facebook I run several busy groups and year in and year out I am confronted with fraudsters trying to fraud my members. This topic is about Facebook but this applies to all platforms.

    What actually makes me sick is that social media companies fail miserably when it comes to protecting their members from fraudulent users. Growing a platform is one thing, but taking responsibilities isn’t their priority apparently.

    This week I received a moderation alert, someone’s post was held under review thanks to my group setting.

    In Spanish it says:

    Are you looking for a legal loan? Tired of searching for loans and mortgages? Have your banks turned you down? Do you need a loan to pay your debts / bills? To end your financial trauma, with an interest rate of 2%. We are certified and trustworthy. We can provide financial assistance. Contact us via WhatsApp: +79687279061. If you are interested, please leave your WhatsApp number for more information.

    I immediately know that these kinds of messages are fraud. I visit the profile and I see a picture of white old people but his name is Allou Mohamed. Yeah right!

    Who are those people?

    These are Baron Albert Frère and Baronnesse Nelly Depoplimont. The wealthy Belgian businessman later married Christine Hennuy and died at the age of 92.

    I reported the profile as fake account and this is the response:

    Hé Facebook, you’re an idiot … eat this

    Life is a gift, so live life to the max.

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