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Giant Japanese Man Is So Big That He Can Grab A Teenager In One Hand, But is This Real?



Giant Man Captured on Camera in Japan Explained

So you have watched the real giant man video on Facebook. You know, that video of the guy who actually is a giant Japanese man wandering through Japan? That’s like crazy, and maybe even can be real. Many people are wondering: Is it a hoax? How tall is this guy? Who is he? How did they make it look like he is a giant if he was just walking around town? The answer to all these questions has been answered in this article.

Did you see that video of the giant Japanese man that Randy Rose shared on Facebook yesterday? The one where he appears to be 50 feet tall and walking through a neighborhood in Japan? Not?! Let’s watch that video.

Most people think this is just another viral video, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Strap in, kids! You’re about to go down the rabbit hole with me.

The Facebook user doesn’t seem to even attempt to explain why he or she thinks the giant is real. The only comment accompanying is “This guy is real.” Presumably, the user wanted to share this information with other members of the group because they might find it interesting, but that still leaves a lot of questions about why this user believes it’s real in the first place.


The video was posted to a Facebook group called UFO Disclosure & Mystery Of Space where users post their own experiences with alien encounters and speculation regarding UFOs and aliens.

It makes sense that someone might post a video they find interesting here, but obviously, this video isn’t an alien encounter or related to UFOs in any way.

If you have your own ideas as to what’s happening in this video (maybe a person with gigantism?) you can share them on our forums!

Randy Rose, the author of the Facebook group post, has since elaborated on his thoughts: “Real Giant,” he said.

One commenter named Luis Colon also had some theories: “There is a lot of places in Japan where people can tell you about this entities who mixed there gene with humans. Secret Masons, the Catholic and the secret government who trying to cover the truth about The Giants. Every time they find bones about giants, the secret government with the masons disappeared all evidences.”


Real Giant Man Captured on Camera is Fake

The big guy seen in the video is actually a clip from the 2007 Japanese film “Big Man Japan,” directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto. The film takes the form of a mockumentary that follows Masaru Daisatou.

Daisatou is an otherwise normal Japanese citizen except for an inherited ability to grow to a height of approximately 30 meters in response to the application of high voltage electricity. As both his father and grandfather before him, Daisatou has accepted the duty to protect Japan against various giant monsters while working for a sub-division of the defense ministry, called the Ministry of Monster Prevention.

The Battles with the monster are televised, and the ratings appear to drop or pick up depending on the event. Most of these monsters have obscure abilities, and he generally defeats them. Despite his great powers, he increasingly finds himself mocked by his fellow citizens while struggling under the burden of living up to a heroic lineage that increasingly overshadows his own mediocre accomplishments as a monster fighter.

To further complicate matters, he is deeply estranged from his own wife and child, who aren’t living with him.”

“Eventually, he encounters a particularly formidable monster – said not to be from Japan but from Korea – which leads him running away rather than facing it head-on; this just results in more ridicule. Eventually, he receives assistance from some other monster fighters to challenge it.”


The rumor is FALSE. The video of the giant man is a hoax because it was ripped from a movie. The creator of the image and video has been identified as the special effects artist Akihiro Noda, who is known for creature design in movies such as Godzilla: Final Wars; The Tokyo Gore Police; and Big Man Japan. This hoax serves to show how easily images and videos can be manipulated on the internet. It’s not always “Photoshop.” In this case, it’s a movie clip (Big Man Japan).


I hope this article has given you a better understanding of the giant man captured on camera. I hope you’re satisfied with your new knowledge, but if not, feel free to do more research on the topic.

Heathcliff Spencer Peters, born and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with Dutch and American artists as creative artist for over 10 years. From 2000 - 2001 he was the main character in a popular Dutch television docu-soap-travel program. He has also worked as a cameraman and video producer for over 11 years. In addition to his work experience, he has been practicing journalism and fact-checking since 2007 for Lions Ground, nowadays known as Astral Citizens.


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