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Children Seen Triangular UFO In Netherlands – The Gorredijk UFO Wave (1974)



Children Seen Triangular UFO In Netherlands - The Gorredijk UFO Wave (1974)

The Gorredijk UFO wave took place in the period from January 31 to February 25, 1974. Over the course of this month, school children in and around Gorredijk, a town in Friesland, the Netherlands were told about a triangular UFO.

This UFO had lights on them and was seen flying at great heights. In addition, No further details are known about his sighting. This might be because it was never investigated or because it was not taken seriously by the people with whom he had shared his story.

It was 15 years before the world-famous Belgian UFO Wave, school children from the small Dutch village of Gorredijk (population 7,360) observed unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for a period of one month. [ays_poll id=”15″]

Children describe in detail what they have seen, the shapes vary from triangular UFOs to the typical classic flying saucer model.


The children first saw something strange when they were playing soccer together early in the evening.

The object went straight in the direction of the nearby village of Jubbega. Then it went to the left, and then to the right at a certain moment, it just stood still in the air.

Another witness described an oval-shaped object hovering with a yellowish color that looked like a flying disc.

The children were talking about UFOs at school with their friends because some other children also saw something similar.

“Somewhere here we saw a strange object. In some way, it was a plane but it didn’t resemble a plane at all because it didn’t move,” said the girl, an eyewitness.


“We were training here on the soccer field when around 7:45 PM a triangle appeared,” said the boy, an eyewitness.

The Gorredijk UFO Wave (1974)

The downside of this UFO case

Studying UFOs is a tricky business. Not only are the events in question difficult to confirm, but they often aren’t documented at all.

When trying to determine whether a UFO event has occurred or not, it can be challenging to find even one credible witness. And when you do find them, they often have little or no evidence to offer.

The children contradict themselves. It starts with a triangular-shaped UFO to a classic disc-shaped object.

It can be difficult to conduct research into such phenomena when the very data being studied is so unreliable from the beginning. Due to the lack of information we cannot conclude anything.


The Investigation

Exclusively on Astral Citizens, we break the story with new information. Our mission’s goal is to figure out who the journalist is. This is essential since he was the one who interacted with the eyewitnesses.

Because there is virtually no information accessible, not even on the video, the investigation was complicated. We do, however, have the name of the town. So, today, I approached Gorredijk’s local newspaper, Sa!, and asked if they might lead me in the right direction. I received a response from the editors today, and the following is what they said:

“The broadcast was broadcast on TV on 21-09-1974 by AVRO. The material can perhaps be requested via the documentation center Image and Sound,” said Renske Woudstra, Editor Sa!

More information on the film with the kids can be found by clicking on the link in the email. The Dutch media company AVRO broadcasted it on national television on August 21, 1974.

I will contact AVRO to get in touch with the journalist.

Why are eyewitnesses important?

There are a lot of reasons why people report UFO sightings. Many of them have to do with wanting to be the “first” on the scene, setting up extra-terrestrial encounters for their friends and family, or simply being curious.


But there are also many more credible witnesses who sincerely believe what they saw were unidentified flying objects.

Eyewitness testimony is important for several reasons:

• It’s one of the only ways to confirm a sighting because eyewitnesses always have first-hand information that can’t be verified by others in any other way.

• It’s an excellent source of evidence. The researcher can use the witness’s statement as evidence that the UFO incident happened.

• Eyewitnesses are often the only ones who actually see what happens, which makes them good sources of information about the conditions surrounding an incident, like weather patterns and other factors that might affect UFO sightings.

Why Are Eyewitnesses Reliable?

The scientists involved in the study of UFOs have concluded that a certain small percentage of all UFO reports are completely inexplicable and that these constitute genuine unidentified flying objects.


It has also been found that a certain percentage of eyewitnesses to these UFOs are completely reliable.

They are not hysterical; they are not hoaxers; they are not misinterpreting visual information, and they are not employing hallucinatory mechanisms.

They have observed something under conditions that make it virtually impossible for them to have experienced any kind of illusion or hallucination.

Eyewitnesses provide valuable information about UFOs because they were there at the time of the sighting and can describe what happened in detail.

They can also describe how far away the object was from them and how long it took for it to move across the sky or disappear from view. These details might not seem very important, but they can provide clues about the object’s speed and size.


Children Make Better Eyewitnesses than Adults

Broad Haven Primary School kids with their 1977 UFO drawings

In a new study, researchers have found that children are always the most reliable eyewitnesses.

According to Maastricht University in the journal SAGE, a new study has shown that adults, according to psychology scientist Henry Otgaar, may be more sensitive to false memories than children in specific conditions.

The study on memory and suggestibility in children and adults is compared in this report. Children, according to Otgaar, are considered to be poor witnesses since their recollection is less trustworthy and they are more prone to false memories.

Children gain a greater understanding of their surroundings as they grow older. They begin to classify and group objects.

For example, they learn to associate plates and glasses with breakfast, as well as towels, umbrellas, and sunscreen with the beach and the pool. These linkages form throughout time as a result of brain development and experience, and in older children and adults, they are more rapid and automatic than in younger children.

“There is quite some research showing how to interview children and adults in a proper way,” Otgaar said in an interview with Psychological Science.


He emphasized the necessity of adhering to the findings and refraining from forming assumptions about children’s memory. He claims that in court instances involving child abuse or other crimes, children’s testimony is frequently the only piece of evidence.

The child’s age and whether the behavior in question was repeated, implying that the child had time to build associations, may influence the reliability of the evidence.

“The lack of knowledge in children might guard them from making spontaneous memory errors or going along with suggestions,” the researchers conclude in their report.


The Gorredijk UFO Wave 1974 is an interesting and exciting case. Yet the story is incomplete, which makes this case a candidate to be solved by Astral Citizens!

A large number of people reported seeing UFOs. I, therefore, tried to find more information about the documented UFO sightings in Gorredijk.


The authenticity of this UFO case can be confirmed thanks to the history archive website and Astral Citizens broke the story who broadcast this on Dutch television.

As soon as we hear a comment from the Dutch media corporation AVRO, we will update this story.


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Heathcliff Spencer Peters, born and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with Dutch and American artists as creative artist for over 10 years. From 2000 - 2001 he was the main character in a popular Dutch television docu-soap-travel program. He has also worked as a cameraman and video producer for over 11 years. In addition to his work experience, he has been practicing journalism and fact-checking since 2007 for Lions Ground, nowadays known as Astral Citizens.

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