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Hostile Angelic-Looking Humanoids Visit Military Bases in Spain, Soldiers Feared For Their Lives



Hostile Angelic-Looking Humanoids Visit Military Bases in Spain, Soldiers Feared For Their Lives

The true story about the Angelic-Looking Humanoids in Spain starts on March 25, 1971, around 10:30 p.m., Jess Jofre and two men from his battalion noticed a UFO with greenish light. When the light faded, they heard footsteps approaching along the same path that the dogs had indicated with their barking. They watched in horror as a bizarre extraterrestrial being over two meters tall approached them a few seconds later. Their nerves took control as they attempted to stop the Humanoid. The humanoid ignores the stop sign, prompting the soldiers to fire, despite the weird being’s refusal to halt. Jess Jofre was able to see that he was wearing an inverted triangle belt because of the glare of the shots.

They observed as the weird creature they describe it as an angelic-Looking Humanoids moved away after confirming that the gunshots had done no damage. Shortly later, the military spotted on the radar a UFO traveling away from the base.

The Spanish Ministry of Defense has classified the occurrence as a “reserved matter.”

#Table of Content
1The story Angelic-Looking Humanoids and UFOs in Spain
2Key witness Jesús Jofre’s Statement
3Ufologist Antonio Ribera detailed article
4Article published in the Shared Space journal of the IIEE
5Detailed story in Ao Cero magazine (2009)
6(Video) Mutual Case in Staffordshire

The story: Angelic-Looking Humanoids & UFOs

While on observation at his post on the night of March 25, 1971, Jess Jofre, then a Corporal at the EVA-4 Military Base, noticed a light in the sky.

“It was a powerful light that illuminated the entire area of radars, microwaves and engines…”

The light grew closer to the base until it came to a halt just above the radar antennas, and Jess, alarmed, alerted the rest of his comrades who had gone out to watch the sky and had seen the same object. The item then raced towards the horizon at breakneck speed.

After a while, when it appeared that peace had returned to the area, our protagonists noticed that a green beam of light was shining from behind some booths, alerting them once again, and they proceeded to investigate.

They gathered their belongings, weapons, and Fiero, the dog they had trained for this type of situation, and proceeded to the source of the light.

When Jess and two other pals got at the location, they began to hear piercing noises within their brains and were uneasy; Fiero even made signs indicating that his ears hurt.

They began to notice something approaching them at a high rate; with strong and rapid steps, they noticed a giant shadow approaching, which they initially order to halt, but it was getting closer and closer to them.

The soldiers’ anxiety was rising, and they feared for their lives.


Our characters started fire on that creature who stopped right at that moment, around three feet away, and stood still while receiving the soldiers’ shots.

Because of the flashes from the bullets, Jesus was able to observe the figure more clearly at that moment. The being appeared to be an angelic-looking humanoid, very tall for a human, very skinny, with a very white complexion, long hair, and garments that resembled a work uniform with a buckle in the center of the belt, according to Jesus.

The creature was still looking at them after the spray of gunfire, but after a few anxious seconds, it turned around and vanished as quickly as it had appeared. The ironic part is that since the base is constructed on top of a mountain and there are no trees or anything to hinder the troops’ view, there is only a tremendous drop where the figure purportedly comes from and then exits.

When they have recovered from their horrific experience, they go to inspect the area and discover that a section of the security fence that surrounds the base has completely disintegrated, with at least two meters of fence missing; however, the curious thing is that this security fence is actually made up of two fences, with only the inner fence having been broken.

The soldiers claim that the part of the Americans’ visit that they missed the most was being asked to take some photos of them outside, where they were taken to a location with a white wall that reflected the direct sun, and one by one, they were asked to take a photo with a very powerful flash, which they did not understand, especially since there was plenty of sunlight.

Jess Jofre Milà (standing in the middle) contributed the photograph.

The identical scenario happened 5 years later at the Talavera la Real Base, but due to the secrecy surrounding these cases, no one there knew about Roses’ story.

Roses residents said that there were many more sightings, particularly in the water.


The Ministry of Defense has still classified this case.

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Jesús Jofre’s Statement

It happened on March 25, 1971, on a dark but clear night, quite cold but without the annoyance of the fierce wind that plagued those mountains at the time.

We were both bothered by “something”… They had been unable to settle the dogs who had been whining suspiciously for some time.

This was out of character for them, as they are superb German police dogs who are fully trained for surveillance and assault work; they are rarely anxious, but they were tonight.


When a colleague called us out for watching the movie on TV, we stopped worried.

We were a group of air police stationed at a radar base, and we had a nicely conditioned building where we lived comfortably installed, but unregulated, since we had no direct command non-commissioned officer above us since four o’clock in the afternoon.

Out of a total of eight companions, I was the highest authority in the group as a corporal.

We heard the dogs howling occasionally throughout the film, and I recall his mentioning it to Adriá, the dog manager, and he replied: Without a doubt, “something” is wrong.

Our colleague Leandro, a true romantic climber, went out for his night walk, like he often did… And that’s how it all began, because he came sprinting up to us, demanding for us to leave right away. He pointed to the sky as we walked outside.


We were all six years old at the time, and we could all see it. At half past eleven o’clock at night, it was an oval disk visible horizontally about 20 centimeters in the sky, at the height where Mars appears.

It moved slowly from left to right, appearing to be not far away.

The dogs were barking hysterically. They had been watching it for a few minutes, and ‘something’ had held us enthralled without saying anything, when the object accelerated fast, disappearing towards the sea, and it appeared to be sinking.

“when the object accelerated sharply, disappearing in the direction of the sea…”

There was a natural commotion between us, so I urged the others to be vigilant and decided to inform the officer on duty that night on the radar about what had happened.

I asked Adrià to try to calm the dogs down because they were still acting up. When Leandro yelled, we raced to where he was hiding, where we discovered him with his hands over his eyes and in a state of frightened panic.

His eyes were extremely prominent and inflamed when we could see them. He soothed him and informed us that he had seen an extremely bright flash, similar to a flash, that had blinded him and the UFO appeared to come from the water.


I left him with the others, deciding that the best course of action would be to calm down the agitated dogs.

I went to the kennels with Adriá, who took our favorite dog, ‘Narvik,’ out of the kennels since he was insane.

The dog fled to some little buildings around 300 meters away from our usual residence.

When Adriá and I arrived, everything was shrouded in darkness. ‘Narvik’ had come to a halt and was growling, as he always does when he wishes to alert whoever is moving him to the presence of an unfamiliar person or thing.

I became aware of a distinct sensation, as if the surroundings had been charged with electricity.


My tongue itched in the same manner it does when a flashlight’s charge is tested.

We heard a noise, as if someone very hefty was moving plants and stones while walking.

We didn’t see anything, but we could hear something approaching us.

At the same time that Adriá was pointing at me and exclaiming, “There!” I thought I saw a lump. I yelled ‘Stop!’ twice, and the bundle abruptly changed direction, fleeing extremely swiftly.

At the same time that Adriá was pointing at me and exclaiming, “There!” I thought I saw a lump. I yelled ‘Stop!’ twice, and it abruptly changed direction, fleeing extremely swiftly.


Adriá fired a burst from his assault rifle and I fired three rounds from my pistol after hearing a blow on the fence.

Without waiting and moved by the same spring, Adriá fired a burst from his assault rifle and I fired three shots from my pistol.

Nothing else was seen or heard.

Angelic-Looking Humanoids

I‘ll tell you about the details that I find most intriguing about what happened later:

  1. Adriá agreed with me on the itching and weird sensation on the tongue. The dog was drooling.
  2. Even if Adriá had to go down to the base to comfort people who were there, the dogs were uneasy.
  3. Because he was inside the sentry box, one of our coworkers claimed to have witnessed the flash that dazzled Leandro, though he was not dazzled.
  4. The officer on duty at the radar station refused to believe us, claiming that he had not seen anything unusual on the screen.
  5. Nobody believed us for the next two days, and most people assumed we were drunk when we shot and that we made up this tale to excuse the shooting. But Providence didn’t want us to be thought of as liars, so on the night of March 27, the object reappeared, this time staying visible long enough for all the officers and other personnel on the base to be notified. The thing appeared to be smaller this time, and roughly 60 people were able to see it.
“This time the object looked somewhat smaller and about 60 people could see it…”

Our good name had been restored.

They claimed they couldn’t see anything on the radar because they couldn’t see anything on the screen.

That day passed, and the ufo was seen again the next night, March 29, 1971, this time with two “Phantom” planes flying near to the UFO and rushing away from it with incredible speed.


Despite claims that they had been summoned by the radar controller, who had reportedly detected the UFO, the official narrative claimed to know nothing about such vehicle.

Nothing else was observed after that, but I think it would be interesting to recount some of the other occurrences that occurred on those days.

No object was observed on the nights of March 26 and 28, 1971, however this cannot be proved because both nights were surrounded by the typical fog of those locations.

Shepherds in the region (where there are many flocks of 5,000 sheep) claimed that the animals were restless, and that several sheep had vanished, two of which had been entirely destroyed. His dogs were quite anxious.

Peasants with free-range cows in the mountains stated they had received less milk than normal.


Following that, on September 15, 1971, a red-colored object slightly larger than a star was spotted crossing the sky from east to west, and the next day, an identical object was seen moving from west to east.

On September 17, 1971, a triangular object the size of Mars was spotted hovering at a low altitude to the east, emitting fluctuations of colored light, red, green, yellow, and white, with red and green having greater intensity.

Jess Jofré in a photo taken during his time as a soldier on EVA 4.

The main night’s events are as follows:

  1. Dogs who howl at random intervals while watching a movie.
  2. Leandro, a soldier, notices an oval disk in the sky. The rest of the friends emerge and stare at him till he vanishes completely. It’s around half past twelve o’clock in the evening. The dogs are wailing hysterically. There was no radar interaction.
  3. Leandro shouts and is found in a state of shock while deciding to alert the guard officer and attempting to calm the dogs. Later, he explains that he saw a very intense flash, similar to an extremely powerful flash. His eyes swelled and remained inflamed for several days.
  4. A dog sprints away till he comes to a halt and growls. This is thought to be a sign of a strange presence.
  5. One of the two people who have been following the dog has felt an electrical charge in the atmosphere.
  6. They hear a noise immediately, as if something in the vegetation is approaching them. They believe they see a figure in the darkness and fire a burst with their submachine gun and three shots with their pistol, respectively.
  7. Two days later, they see a UFO in the sky with a smaller apparent size and a longer duration, which they believe is the same object. There was no radar interaction.
  8. On the 29th, they make another observation that vanishes with incredible speed in the presence of two Phantom reactors. There have been rumors within the base that they have been alerted by a radar detection, but it has been confirmed that this is not the case.
  9. Shepherds of sheep flocks in the vicinity indicate that they are restless, that some have vanished, and that two have been destroyed. The dogs are quite jittery. Cows also produce less milk.
The cover of ALGO No 193 from January 1972.

Antonio Ribera, a ufologist, reproduces the substance of the article in the journal Algo in great detail

Antonio Ribera writes in the journal Algo: “It is not known if the UFOs after the one on March 25 were detected by the base’s radar, although it is very possible that the Phantoms from the 29th had gone to the area alerted by a radar contact.

The “official secret” already weighed on this whole matter. My correspondents in the area hit an impenetrable wall of silence as they tried to find out.

However, it was known –apart from the “leak” represented by the aforementioned ALGO article, signed by “Ficher” (clearly a pseudonym) and, as I say, it does not give names of the site–, that several American technicians went to Paní a few days later (possibly they came from the Zaragoza joint base), and carefully examined the cliff and the place where the alleged UFO sank into the sea… although the “official” reason for their visit was to check the good working order of the radar installations…”

The occurrences took place in the upper complex of the air monitoring and control military facility in the region of Roses in mid-November 1970, according to a report in the CEI Center for Interplanetary Studies Archive.


The witness was resting in the midst of the facility at 2:00 a.m. when he was awoken by the sound of the telephone.

The call came from the air police stationed at the summit of Mount Pen, who instructed him to contact the duty sergeant because something unusual was occurring in the radar settlement, implying that there were issues despite without explaining what they were.

The witness contacted the sergeant of the week and informed him of the situation, after which the garages were notified to prepare a car to ascend to the summit.

They hurriedly drove up the 1,500-meter-long curving slope that separated them from the location.

They spoke with an aerial police corporal as they reached the top, who informed them that they had observed a weird item on the radars.


They gazed up into the sky, alarmed by the Corporal’s comments, and observed at an altitude of 2,000 or 3,000 meters. a brightly shining body that was initially ovoid in shape, like a more flattened rugby ball, fluorescent reddish gold in color, solid in appearance, sharp edges, and of constant luminosity in continuous upward movement.

When the object reached a point of ascension where it appeared that it had changed shape, now appearing as a straight line with a small protuberance on its upper part, the object shot materially at an incredible speed, forming a right angle with respect to the ascensional trajectory and moving away in a few seconds to the right of his position, that is, towards L’Escala and the Bay of Roses, where he could see how the object merged with the wake on the water of the bay.

Despite the difficulty of determining the exact time of the observation due to the excitement of the events, the witness calculated it to be around 45 seconds, with the object’s apparent shape at the time of seeing it being about 10 cm, decreasing to about 5 cm by the time it finished its ascent to continue towards the bay where it vanished.

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Space magazine of the IIEE, Institute of Research and Exobiological Studies of Barcelona

An article on the case was published in the Shared Space journal of the IIEE, Barcelona’s Institute of Research and Exobiological Studies.

The authors claim that they went to the place of the occurrences in April 1971 as a consequence of stories that had reached them, and that they spoke of odd lights being seen in the Spanish Air Force’s Alert and Control Squadron 4 in the Bay of Roses.


They arrived unannounced and, despite the reluctance, the two investigators were granted permission to examine the witnesses, a total of eight people, including soldiers and officers.

According to Shared Space’s description of the events, it was a minute after half past 1:00 a.m. when five soldiers in the Technical Zone’s barracks were watching television.

One of them went outside and noticed a strong white and red light emitted by an object with an apparent size of 40 cm long by 20 cm wide to his left as he walked towards the water.

It had an oval shape and was referred to as a “rugby ball” by some. Surprised by what he witnessed, he rushed into the barracks to tell what was going on outside, prompting two men to leave right once, while the others took longer since they thought it was a joke.

Even though the first two who left saw something smaller, they still perceived an oval shape.


The light, which was red at the top and white at the bottom, moved slowly over the water in an apparent direction from Cadaqués to Roses, at an altitude of 5,000 meters, until it began a quick upward race in the Medes Islands and vanished.

Over the horizon in a matter of 5 to 10 seconds, when it was only a point of light.

Witnesses reported hearing no noise at any point during the incident.

After five minutes, the first witness, who was still looking out to sea in the direction where the last ufo had vanished, noticed a tremendous gust of wind that lighted the region, stunning him and temporarily blinding him. Inflammation developed as a result, causing continual tearing.

Along with these observations, the guard dogs were ecstatic, prompting them to call out from the front door to the soldier in charge of their care, asking him to attempt to calm them down.

One was really agitated, and it required a lot of effort to shut him down. They learned that the kennel’s entrance was directly in front of the water, in the direction of the flash.


The report goes on to say that no additional events occurred that night, but that they saw “strange lights that evolve quite close to the facilities” on subsequent evenings, which were “confirmed by majority of the officers and troops on duty at the time, as well as by some civilian witnesses” (fishermen).

According to Navia and Vallès, one of the officers told them that while driving from Castelló d’Empries to Empuriabrava with his wife, he saw a strange disk-shaped object that measured between 30 and 40 meters in diameter and passed over the car at a distance of about 500 meters and a height of about 200 meters, moving from the sea to the mountains.

The last UFO sighting took around ten minutes. The object appeared to be performing approaching and going away maneuvers, repeating the process numerous times until it vanished from view of the observers.

During the inspection, they saw that the item produced “sparks,” which they described as “like those produced by a wheel when grinding a piece of steel.”

Jesús Jofre Milà

The most notable of those dates, according to the IIEE article, was the experience of one of the soldiers on guard duty that night, who explained to them that while performing his watch duties in a glass-enclosed sentry box, he heard a weird noise outside, as if a metal gate were opening.

Nothing in the immediate neighborhood could generate such a sound, so he gazed around through the glass.


He decided to exit the stall to investigate the source of the noise because the night was clear but he couldn’t see anything.

Then he noticed a reddish ovoid-shaped light above him, but he couldn’t pinpoint its altitude.

The item was moving, but it had no intention of landing.

However, while looking at the object, the witness had the sense that someone or something was approaching, and as he turned around, he observed a dark body larger than a typical man approaching.

At that point, utter stillness ruled, which, apart from the strain of the moment, already terrified him, so he automatically called a halt to that “figure” and mounted his gun, the witness told them.


He shot a burst at that body after seeing “it” reject the order to stop, gripped by panic.

Angelic-Looking Humanoids

Because he observed how the extraterrestrial being received the gunfire, the interviewee believed he was certain he had hit.

Then he noticed that something had hit the barbed wire fences a short distance away, and he dashed towards the guardhouse, whose components, faced with the bullets, hurried out, despite the fact that they couldn’t see anything.

When questioned about what had occurred, he told the duty officer what had occurred.

The following day, a massive raid was conducted across the entire area in order to corroborate the existence of some weird beings at the base the night before.

Despite the thoroughness of the inquiry, no footprints or signs were discovered that would support the soldier’s testimony.


It was suspected that some form of animal had gained access to the facilities, which would have been extremely difficult, but no evidence of that type of animal were discovered.

Furthermore, if what the sentinel observed was an animal, it would have had to be large enough to do damage to the barbed wire or leave a trace on it during its escape.

The same’s spiny points were also examined for these probable symptoms, but no evidence was discovered.

The dogs were also agitated on the night of the incident.

Anselm Pi, a soldier, with one of the base’s dogs.

According to the writers, it was unofficially known that a NASA satellite had detected an unidentified flying object on the same day, at the same time, on a route that began in the south of France and ended in the Gulf of Roses.

Some fighters would have taken off from a Spanish facility in Zaragoza that night to intercept an alleged unidentified flying object.


However, they said that no formal statement had been made, despite learning that “high-ranking soldiers went to the base to clarify the facts.”

The witnesses were not interrogated, and no formal report on the events was issued.

They also underlined that the commanders’ explanation had been to dismiss them as insane or inebriated, asking them to forget the facts and forbidding them talking about this event.

However, this appears to have been no barrier to IIEE members being able to gain entrance to the site without difficulty and meet with witnesses as well as at least one officer who had no trouble cooperating in the ufological group’s survey by Barcelona a few weeks later.

The report concludes with a fresh ufological case, claiming that Navia and Vallès witnessed “the evolution of a peculiar light orb that moved over the water, on the horizon, during their stay at the base, in the company of the officers on duty and other employees.”


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Map of the area.

Ao Cero magazine published an article by Miguel Pedrero (2009)

The Spanish journal Ao Cero did not publish information on the case for the first time.

Javier Garca Blanco presented a synopsis of the case in 2003 as part of his book about humanoids.

However, in 2009, Miguel Pedrero Gómez published an article in this parascience, occult, and new age magazine that brought the saga to an end.

Pedrero begins by introducing us to Jesus Jofre Milà, one of the shooters at the Puig Peni Air Surveillance Station on March 21, with whom he pays a visit.

They meet up with Llus Solà, another of the event’s presumed protagonists, in Barcelona a few days later.


They had served together in mandatory military service, but they hadn’t seen one other in years.

Solà was on watch duty that night, according to Pedrero, at the sentry box in the higher level with the radars, near to the barracks where the guard and kennel companions slept.

According to the regulations, two troops should be stationed on the perimeter of the fence, but they appear to have skipped the duty on occasion.

Lus Solà decided to go for a walk around half past ten in the evening, looking for fresh air because the atmosphere in the small room was fairly charged with the scent of cigarettes.

The dogs had also started barking.


“I advanced a few meters and then I noticed that there was a very bright ball in the sky, just above the vertical of the microwave antenna. The object apparently increased in size and the witness interpreted it as coming closer, but an instant later it returned to its previous appearance, becoming larger again.”

He then informed his fellow barracks of his observations.

Corporal Jess Jofre was taken aback by the light: “I noticed that it was shaped like a lentil and around its outline there were some kind of brighter dots, which at that moment I thought could be windows,” Pedrero cites Jofre as a source.

In a snapshot from the early years of the last decade, Jess Jofré.

The UFO began to proceed in the direction of the Bay of Roses after about a minute or so, and eventually vanished upwards.

A green light could be seen behind a little house near to the microwave antenna, Jofre noticed right away.

He would have ordered the soldier in charge of the dogs, Anselmo Pi, to take one out to inspect right away.

When they reached the back, there was no light at all, the dog, Fiero, began to growl, and they detected some tracks.


They noticed a tall, stylized human-like entity approaching them a few seconds later, “certainly surpassing two meters in body length.”

They were unable to recognize any features, such as the face or clothing.

Jofre yelled twice to get the dog to stop barking.

As a result of the stress, Anselmo began to fire his assault rifle at that point.

The corporal drew his pistol and fired it as well.


Jofre adds: “Due to the brilliance of the features, I thought I saw that this being was wearing a metallic belt in which I could make out part of a kind of emblem; It was like an inverted triangle.”

According to following sources of information, Jofre stated that before the shooting, he heard a babble of voices within his head that he couldn’t understand.

Jofre’s and the humanoid’s adventure continues.

There was silence after the bullets, and the entity, which was around ten meters distant, proceeded unaffected, despite not having been shot down.

The humanoid then walked away, and they heard the distinct sound of something slamming the fence.


Jofre told his partner to let the dog out, and the dog went towards the fence, halting and growling in front of it.

Following him, the soldiers noticed a section of the fence that ran from the ground to the top and was half a meter wide was missing.

As if it had passed through one but not the other, “the other closure that surrounds the first was intact.”

The authors of the shots and Llus Solà had to record their experiences in paper and go through the office of the lieutenant colonel of initials A. A. when the day arrived.

The next days’ UFO cases are collected in Miguel Pedrero’s article.


According to Jofre, they were able to glimpse another unidentifiable object the following night in a tense atmosphere: “the entire barracks could see it. It was an object very similar to the one from the night before, but it was higher and about two kilometers inside. He was detained for a long time until he disappeared. Even, according to what some base commanders told me, several residents of Roses also saw it and called the EVA to ask if they knew anything about it.”

In the Coll del Peni, air base (Rosas)

The soldiers were all looking up at the sky the next day.

As a result, it’s not unexpected that numerous troops on duty, including Llus Solà, witnessed another UFO with features that differed from the previous ones.

It’s a silver or metallic-colored object that’s placed at a given altitude.

The military alerted the EVA radar operators, who confirmed that they did indeed see the unexplained on their screens in this case.

According to Pedrero, two fighter planes took off on an interception mission from the military facility in Zaragoza shortly after.


The fighters formed an imagined cross, crossing each other just as the UFO delivered an “acceleration,” according to Llus Solà.

Following that, they would have been interrogated by a less friendly command, who would have cautioned them to keep quiet about their ordeal.

Jesús Jofre Milà

“Numerous calls were received from fishermen, who claimed to have seen incredibly bright flying objects entering and exiting the sea over several nights,” according to Pedrero.

Jofre, Solà, and Pi were compelled to report to the officers’ building about a month and a half later, when they had to answer questions from two American Air Force troops and then allow themselves to be photographed, with great care taken to ensure that their facial features were clearly visible.

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Mutual Case in Staffordshire

In Staffordshire, England, a similar incident occurred. Jessie Roestenberg gave the witness statement, and her account of the Angelic-Looking Humanoids matched the true story in Spain. Watch this video below and spread the word about this topic by sharing in UFO Facebook groups.


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