Is Paid 4 Clout or Cash Crates a Scam?

You want to make money online and you stumble upon Paid 4 Clout of Cash Crates but you are wondering. Is Paid 4 Clout a scam?

[fa class=”fas fa-check-circle fa-5x”] True, Paid 4 Clout of Cash Crates is a scam. The fraudulent website terminates accounts as soon the user wants to cash out. The rating on Trustpilot warns you not to do business with this website. Fiverr actors are hired to mislead people to make money with the website. The website has now been offline for more than a week.

When you search Paid 4 Clout Review you quickly learn that you have to stay far away from this website. People who have reviewed this website are victims to warn you. The overall rating indicates that this is a fraudulent website.

There are rumors the site collects your data. No matter there is no evidence to support that claim the fact is that account creation is required. Automatically data are being collected and stored. That data is accessible to Paid 4 Clout.

Are the testimonial videos real?

The testimonial section contains testimonial videos. Are the testimonial videos real?

[fa class=”far fa-times-circle fa-5x”] False, the testimonial videos on the Paid 4 Clout website are fake. This involves Fiverr actors hired for $5 or more. The actors are not involved in the fraud practice. However, making testimonial videos without ever using a service or product is in definition misleading because a false impression is being created and the Fiverr creator participates in making a fake testimonial.

Faces in the fake testimonials are:

Paid 4 Clout no longer exists and is now scamming under the new name Cash Crates. The owner has a YouTube channel. In 2019, the channel was called Clout Pay. Today the channel is called Cash Crates.

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