President JFK’s Assassination and the CIA loses another UFO Document: Conspiracy with the CIA

It seems like a regular pattern now that whenever the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) encounters crucial UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) documents, files, or any physical evidence related to the UFO phenomenon, they end up losing those documents and crucial evidence.

It has become a trend now for the CIA whenever somebody, UFOlogists, or public domain authorities request the CIA to release their UFO reports along with physical evidence found and MDR (Mandatory Declassification Review) which has a direct connection to UFOs.

The Central Intelligence Agency has now come forward to declassify more sanctioned data and reports related to aerial phenomena in its long-lasting program of investigating and tracking UFOs worldwide.

John F. Kennedy’s UFO Memo

While conducting his research, author William Lester uncovered the secretive assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy.

He stated that President John F. Kennedy requested the CIA to turn over classified, confidential, yet secretive information about UFOs and classified files. F. Kennedy, the United States president, wrote a memo (Memondrum) addressing the CIA.

In that memo, he requested the CIA to provide confidential and classified information related to the UFO investigation and research work. The memo was written on November 12, 1963, after which the president strictly ordered the official director of the CIA to catalog the Central Intelligence Agency’s files and documents related to the UFO investigation and factual information.

He wanted a debriefing on UFOs, unknown-unidentified, and aerial phenomena by the following February. Only ten days later, President of the United States John F. Kennedy was assassinated in secret. On top of that, the memo that was written by the president was never-before-seen, and it seems like someone has been very much in cover-up mode.

Later, the memo, along with some other CIA documents, was said to have been obtained by Lester, a researcher under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). This incident doesn’t look like a coincidence or an unfortunate incident.

According to some theorists and UFOlogists, the missing link between the memo and President John F. Kennedy’s assassination directly indicates CIA involvement.

Theorists believed that the assassination was planned and was a coverup to hide confidential information related to UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

The President wrote several memos before his assassination, and some of those memos and letters were lost.

Later, an anonymous person claimed to be a former CIA operative and released a burned memo. But experts still question the authenticity of both memos, written by President John F. Kennedy.

The Black Vault

The Black Vault has requested and hosted hundreds of thousands of UFO or UFA-related CIA documents over the years.

To officially disseminate or publish UFO reports and documents in front of the public so that they can see these reports and identify the truth by themselves, CIA classified UFO files or documents were requested under FOIA.

In January 2019, The Black Vault filed a request to review the two missing pages of an eleven-page release. The two pages in an eleven-page release stated that the “page in the document is denied.” The CIA’s holdings, the released reports, were marked as CREST number 0000015452.

That document was also publicly released by the Soviet Era Novosti-APN news portal. In fact, Moskovsky Komsomolets also published the document in that same year, 1968. But both publishing agencies had several different and contradictory takes on the UFO issue,

later circulated by the United States’s CIA. However, the published news article released the document in its full form without denying any page access. This explains a lot about the missing-or lost situation-document claimed by the CIA.

Another CIA UFO Document Goes Missing

Yet another instance where the CIA claimed that they have lost the physical evidence that has a direct link to the UFO phenomenon.

In 1978, another requester officially wrote a written request addressed to the CIA for the release of the page memorandum and physical evidence related to the UFO phenomenon.

The written memo outlines the facts or information about the type or kind of physical evidence and how it is directly related to the UFO phenomenon. The physical evidence was “hand carried” to the secretary of the CIA by DDS&T (Deputy Director of Science and Technology).

The physical evidence was examined in a lab by a doctor who later advised the CIA regarding the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and its physical evidence. This information was released by the CIA itself in an official memo release.

The memo also reveals that within the CIA, there are individuals and certain teams that regularly monitor and investigate the aerial phenomenon.

After this release, The Black Vault officially filed an MDR (Mandatory Declassification Review) case on January 24, 2019.

The objective of this case was to involve other agencies and get them involved in this case to conduct an internal review before the potential release of the future memo.

Unfortunately, after three consecutive years of that filed request, the CIA denies the request and tells The Black Vault that the file and document, along with the physical evidence, have been lost and gone.

There are several records and UFO documents that are about 50 to 60 years old that depict UFO stories and incidents that were encountered by real people or citizens of the United States.

This forces us to think that all the documents whose access has been denied by the CIA for over 20 years are lost or the CIA is covering up something.

The continuous claim that these confidential and secretive records have been lost, or that files have gone missing, or are classified information, and denying them access to UFO files under the “lost” claim, reveals the mindset of the CIA.


If the information is lost, the truth is lost. We, as experts and Ufologists (The Black Vault), cannot conclude or come to any conclusions without seeing and observing all of the facts, files, and reports that have a direct link or connection to UFOs.

The mystery and secrecy surrounding the UFO files and documents depict the CIA as a suspect that is knowingly hiding something from the public.


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