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Marina Seren Shamed by UFO Community Over Nazi Symbols Gets Debunked



Marina Seren Shamed Over Nazi Symbols Gets Debunked

Marina Seren, a self-described Vril psychic medium from Madrid, who has been shamed by the UFO community for posting Nazi symbols online, is again debunked by Astral Citizens for claiming to be a reincarnation of a SS general.

In interviews with extremists and on social media, Seren has repeatedly claimed to be connected to the Nazis. She has also posted selfies wearing nazi-related symbols and claims that there were good Nazis.

Seren’s claim to be a reincarnation of a SS general were first debunked by Astral Citizens: “Her claim of being a reincarnated SS general is obviously ludicrous.” We have to add that she “is obviously an attention seeker who is using this ridiculous claim as a way to gain notoriety but that backfires as she is getting shamed by the UFO community.”

Marina Seren Debunked

Marina Seren’s SS General Reincarnation

Marina Seren shared with proud an interview with extremist and holocaust denier Brian Ruhe and writes the most racist caption: “Another thing to keep in mind. The satanic masonic jews are allied with the satanic nazis (not the good vril germans) on a synarchy. They aren’t rivals. Satanism united them … It seems they want to suppress my information way too bad. But we all know who controls yuwtube (referring to Jews) and INTERESTINGLY this happened after my first interview about VRIL was ever posted”
One of the hundred Twitter users addressing Marina Seren on Twitter.
Both Vril and SS are strongly Nazi related.

Upon her Twitter account, Marina Seren claims to be reincarnated from a SS general. This claim is not supported by evidence and is more likely to be false than true.

First of all, she repeatedly mention the word Nazi in interviews and Twitter. The word Nazi was used by the enemies of the National Socialists to belittle them. As a reincarnation of SS General, Marina Seren should know that the Nazi would never use that word because it is an insult word.


The word Nazi was derived from a Bavarian colloquial term for “simple-minded”, which describes the minds of those who would vote for them. Because of this, enemies changed the party’s name to a derogatory term—the Nazi.

Marina Seren wears in each ear a Thunder bolt (SS).
Nazi Girl Marina Seren: Tweet of Apr.9, a photo wearing a shirt with the black sun symbol and the following 3 hashtags #blacksun #thul and #vril – Below, the oath of the Nazi club Der Thule-Gesellschaft.

The term Nazi was created as a derogatory reference to the German term Sozi, which stands for Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (“Social Democratic Party of Germany”). The first syllable is taken from Nationalsozialist (member of said party), while the second two are added on as an insult.

Members of the party never called themselves Nazis, but Nationalsozialisten due to the fact the term was originally used to describe a backward peasant who was clumsy and awkward.

“Imagine I am being called clog runner and I refer the Dutch people as clog runners. I will not do that, It’s insulting to the Dutch people and myself.”

Marina Seren’s Psychic abilities

Marina Seren claims on her website she has psychic abilities.

However, Steven Cambian of the YouTube channel Truthseekers challenged Marina Seren to use her extrasensory perception to answer what was written on a piece of paper. Marina Seren failed.


The evidence against this claim is that Marina Seren refused to embrace this challenge because she don’t has any psychic abilities.

When Truthseeker is asked if Marina Seren responded to the Super Power Challenge Steven Cambian said: “No, she didn’t.”

When Cambian is asked if he reached out to her he answered: “No I haven’t messaged her. I just put that challenge in the show … which I’m sure she watched. She commented on it and complained about it,” Cambian said.

The swastika

Marina Seren is correct the Swastika prior the Nazis are not bad. The Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler, who stole this symbol, which she glorifies, is evil and racist.

“Second, the black sun, all runes and swastikas are ancient powerful symbols that mean no bad. And the Aryan ETs and german VRIL society were not originally racist nor evil. “Nazis”, germans and Vril split into different groups and path because they didn’t agree with each other,” Marina Seren said on Twitter.

The Hindu swastika is a sacred symbol, and it has been used for thousands of years. It is not a malicious symbol.

Recently, Marina Seren posted a tweet saying that the swastika, “ancient and powerful symbols,” are not malicious. She included an image with various types of swastikas, including one that looks remarkably like a Nazi symbol.


In response to this tweet, many Hindustanis have addressed her great insult to their culture and history by pointing out how the swastika in the picture does not represent the Hindu swastika—it represents the Nazi swastika.

The emblem of the Nazi called the Hakenkreuz is a black swastika rotated 45 degrees. The original swastika however looks very different and has no resemblance to the Nazi’s emblem as one user pointed her out.

The swastika sign is an ancient symbol with four arms bent at right angles and pointing in different directions. It can be found in many different countries and cultures across history. It is a symbol of peace and prosperity in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism long before being stolen and misued by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party.

Police claim

Marina Seren claims she visited the police station (The police corps of Spain) to report online defamation, Marina Seren is not telling the truth and here is why.

The police officers might chuckle or simply escort Seren to the door. The police are focused on criminal offenses rather than civil laws; consequently, defamation cases fall into this category and won’t get their attention. A slander victim must bring her claim against an offender in court—not with local authorities

To win a civil defamation lawsuit (in Spain, Calumny), the plaintiff in her jurisdiction must prove that all requirements for such lawsuits are met. If she can show that your statements harmed her reputation and caused financial loss to her business, she will probably get what is called an ‘injunction,’ or court order prohibiting further repetition of those statements.


Conclusion, her claim is false. Her lawyer would told her the police will not help her.

This also disproof her attorney claim.

Marina Seren’s Attorney

Marina Seren has accused the UFO community of harassment, cyberbullying, and defamation. She claims she has turned this over to her lawyer. Despite repeated requests for the name of her lawyer and the name of the law firm, Marina Seren has dodged these questions with unprofessional responses. In our case, she blocked the Twitter account of Astral Citizens.

We find it hard to believe that someone who is so concerned about her own safety and human rights would be so unwilling to share the name of her lawyer or the name of the law firm representing her. We can name only one reason for her claim, namely that it’s false. It would be very easy to prove she has a lawyer by dropping the name of her attorney or providing the Twitter account of their firm.

In Spain, defamation is considered a criminal offense and referred to as “calumny.” Spreading or publishing lies while knowing they are untrue—or doing so with reckless disregard for the truth—are ways one can be found guilty of calumnies.


Bottom line, it looks like she doesn’t stand a chance in her global lawsuit as everything is based on her own online activities that has been heavily collected and used against her.

Marina Seren Stands For The Truth. Only in her favor!

Marina Seren, also known as the Nazi girl, has been slammed by Twitter users for glorifying Nazism and rewriting true history with borderline conspiracy theories. She wrote that Twitter users were being aggressive. In reality, however, she was the one who approached critics very aggressively and even took away their free speech and freedom of the press.

Marina Seren has flagged our video for privacy violation on September 24th, 2022. According to her, the video violated her privacy on 16 different counts: that it named her and displayed her face. The video provides a full overview about her glorification of Nazism.

However, YouTube informed Astral Citizens and wrote a dispute because a privacy violation is a civil case (civil cases are legal matters). Because we are referring to her business name and public figure the privacy violation argument can be ruled out.

YouTube Declined False Privacy Violation Claim (Update: 9/29/2022)

September 29, 2022 – As the battle between Marina Seren and Astral Citizens continues to rage on, Astral Citizens received a letter from YouTube today stating that their video did not violate the platform’s policy. The letter explained that Marina Seren was using YouTube’s flagging system to report every video she could find in an attempt to silence her opponents.


“YouTube reviewed our complaint and agrees with Astral Citizens’ dispute,” said Astral Citizens in response to the news. “Marina Seren is a business name because Marina owns the website, which sells services. In all instances where she has been referred to as Marina Seren—including this sentence—we are referring to her business name and not her personal one. This eliminates any privacy violation concern: we have no disclosure of private information when discussing someone’s known public persona.”

“Because we are referring to her business name and public figure the privacy violation argument can be ruled out.”

Later on we received another email. YouTube is aware that Marina Seren is abusing the flagging system and has asked us what we should do with this. We give her 7 business days to publicly apologize for what she did. If she does not comply with this request, we will report her to YouTube on the basis of violation of fraudulent online activities to cause financial damage, spreading hate and with borderline content.

Marina Seren is exposed by UFO Twitter with TERRIBLE discovery

Marina Seren and UFO Twitter controversy. Marina Seren sparks controversy in the UFO Twitter community. A self proclaimed Starseed and reincarnated Vril dame with an ideology that will make you gringe.


Marina Seren, a girl who openly supports Nazi ideology, is giving lectures on platforms such as Portal To Ascension and Global Peace Tribe without any background check. We reached out to Portal To Ascension and Global Peace Tribe to comment on this situation, but they have not responded yet.

Marina Seren’s support of Nazis has been an ongoing problem in the UFO community for some time now. We have previously written about her shocking glorification of this ideology and the ways in which it affects those around her. We will continue to follow this story closely and update our readers as it progresses.


For more information about this story, please read our previous publication “Marina Seren Shocking Glorification of the Nazis“.

Heathcliff Spencer Peters, born and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with Dutch and American artists as creative artist for over 10 years. From 2000 - 2001 he was the main character in a popular Dutch television docu-soap-travel program. He has also worked as a cameraman and video producer for over 11 years. In addition to his work experience, he has been practicing journalism and fact-checking since 2007 for Lions Ground, nowadays known as Astral Citizens.

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