Multiple UFOs accidentally caught on drone camera

Multiple UFOs are recorded during a beautiful drone recording according to the Reddit user. Is this really about UFOs? Astral Citizens breaks the story.

On Reddit, you’ll find plenty of interesting content like this one. A drone owner captured a beautiful home somewhere in the United States.

As the drone approached the house, he saw strange white flying objects at the top right of the screen.

Below the alleged video you will find interesting comments. For example someone compared this video to the UTAH UFO video.

According to him, The UTAH UFO video has never been debunked, but that’s not correct. We actually debunked the UTAH UFO video. The creators of the video have not taken the depth field into account.

A professional photographer wrote below the video “not compelling at all in terms of ufo sightings,” According to him they are flying birds.

In the video we featured a video by YouTuber Artphot to show great similarities. Some birds disappear out of nowhere, an optical illusion as seen in the video shared on Reddit. You see them disappear and reappear, flapping movements are clearly visible.

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