Mysterious Orange Lights In American Sky



There have been sightings of strange long orange lights in the skies in America. The strange lights were seen across the country and people have no explanation. Could this have a scientific explanation?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have heard about the strange phenomenon that has caused a stir around the country.

On some evenings last week, people from across the United States reported seeing strange elongated orange lights in the sky.

In a formal and straightforward orange tone: The lights were seen in a couple of states: Louisiana, Indiana, Pasadena, Baytown.


One person also said people saw it in Egypt as well. People were concerned because of its unusual color and shape. Many wondered if it was a UFO or even Russia conducting tests.

Over the past few weeks, there have been reports of a strangely elongated orange light in the sky from Southwest Louisiana to Texas.

The biggest concentration of reports has come from Texas, with numerous people posting about the light on Reddit.

The first report came on March 24, when the user Berrry007 posted a video recording of this strange light over Louisiana. The woman in the car sounded a little concerned as she looked at this strange light.

“What is that,” said a female, the witness behind the wheel.


“Bitch the aliens are coming to get us,” said a male voice, the witness holding the camera.

Optical refraction

An article, NewsWest9 of Midland, Texas, reported on a very similar sighting.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has confirmed that the mysterious lights seen in the sky over the city on January 8, 2019, are nothing to be alarmed about.

The NWS says that the lights were due to light from gas flares being refracted by thermal inversion.

Although it isn’t clear what caused the thermal inversion, NWS says it was likely cold air trapped underneath warm air as a result of a recent cold front.


The NWS received over 50 phone calls from concerned residents reporting strange lights hovering over the city.

“See these lights in the sky in the Permian Basin? There’s nothing to worry about! Basically what is happening here is light is being refracted by little ice crystals in the clouds. The light is likely from flare-ups from the oil rigs,” said Anthony Franze, chief meteorologist.

“1. oil rigs don’t flare up (unless there’s a blowout) 2. Flares don’t pulsate 3. I counted 20 of these pulsating lights in the sky last night (over the city where no flares are located) 4. The same thing happened in Arizona and Canada last week,” said FORTYAM, In West Texas producing oil.

“Experts agree that the red vertical light over Houston last night was likely caused by flaring at a refinery in La Porte,” said KHOU 11.

Light Pillars

Light Pillars appear in the night sky as straight, vertical lines of light that extend upwards from a light source. Often they are seen above streetlights, but they can also form above the sun or moon. They are most visible when it is extremely cold outside, and they are made possible by ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

Light Pillars are formed by the refraction of rays of light through these ice crystals. The crystals must be oriented horizontally in order to form a pillar of light. If they were oriented vertically, they would form what is known as a halo instead.


While Light Pillars are not at all uncommon, their presence can cause alarm for people who do not understand what is causing them to appear. They have been mistaken for UFOs, space stations, and even stairways to heaven!


If you see an unusual light in the sky and are unsure what it is, you should always be cautious. But don’t jump to conclusions that it’s aliens or a weather phenomenon when there might be a much simpler explanation.


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