Mysterious Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Identified

Kansas, March 13 –¬†A large, cylinder-shaped object was captured on camera flying over an interstate in western Kansas. The object appears to be large and black. The second UFO case we discuss in this article is about a UFO captured on an aurora live stream video.

This large and black object was seen flying over an interstate. The witness was able to record this on camera. What could this object be? Speculation is that it may be a hot dog, but no one can confirm or deny such claims. Let’s watch the video below.

Large cylinder-shaped object

Seeing the large cylinder-shaped object flying in the sky above you will create a grinchy situation for a moment, but this is a false alarm.

When you see a large, cylinder-shaped object flying in the sky, it might make you feel scared for a moment. But don’t worry- it’s just a false alarm. There’s no need to be afraid!

This is just a solar balloon. They’re really common, and they can sometimes look kind of like UFOs. But don’t worry- they’re not aliens or anything like that. So next time you see something strange in the sky, don’t freak out! It’s probably just a blimp or a solar balloon. There’s no need to be afraid of them. They’re not going to hurt you.

A solar balloon is a balloon that is powered by the sun. The balloon is filled with air, and the sun’s heat causes the air to expand. This makes the balloon rise into the sky. Solar balloons can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, weather monitoring, and scientific research.

UFO Caught on Aurora live stream

On March 13, a UFO (unidentified flying object) was caught on camera flying towards the camera and disappearing in Sodankylä, Lapland, Finland. The bright object was caught on the Aurora live stream video.

An Aurora is a natural light display in the sky caused by the emission of radiation from particles in the upper atmosphere. Auroras are usually seen in the high latitude regions, such as the Arctic and Antarctic. Auroras occur when high-energy particles from the Sun interact with the upper atmosphere. The particles collide with atoms and molecules in the atmosphere, causing them to emit light. The different colors of an Aurora are caused by the type of atom or molecule. Watch the video below.

This is about a drone. The live stream is being streamed from a YouTube channel that specializes in drones. The chat in the live stream mentions a UFO the moment the user saw this weird object. The drone fanatic had to laugh about the UFO remark.

The video appeared on Reddit and the user intentionally cut the video for a good reason. You can see the original video below. The flashing lights betray the hoax.

This is a drone with bright lights such as 1kw LED lights that generate an incredibly bright light, so the drone is barely visible because of the brightness. See example below.


It is not uncommon for people to mistake a drone or other aircraft as an alien UFO, and the Aurora live stream video was no exception. It is important to remember that not every light in the sky is an alien spacecraft, but it is still fun to imagine what could be out there. —Do you think this was a UFO or just a drone? Let us know in the comments below!


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Looks like drone behaviour.
First some recon and then in positions to snap video or pictures of a certain thing or area.
Also blinking / flashing lights in video looks like Drone Anti-Collision Lights as you need to operate a drone with according to the law about flying with drones. (at least in my country)

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