Mystery UFO Encounter With Pilots – Nerve-wracking Audio Footage

The moment pilots saw a UFO, the nerve-wracking audio recording begins. The context of this UFO case is unknown and is currently under investigation. This case reminds us of the UFO Oregon case.

At 37,000 feet above Oregon, pilots and flight crews reported an unidentified white aircraft ‘intruder’ flying very rapidly.

When a mysterious ‘UFO’ aircraft rushed at tremendous speed in Oregon in October, everyone’s attention was drawn to the skies.

When air traffic control couldn’t contact or track the plane, it confused the F-15 fighter jets assigned to intercept it.

The attempt to identify the mysterious UFO aircraft is revealed in newly obtained audio footage, which traces how the jet appeared out of nowhere, startled pilots in air traffic, and then chillingly vanished without a trace.

The meaning of the unidentified airplane that was sighted at 4:30 p.m. on October 25, 2017 is still unknown.

The Drive uncovered audio tapes that depict the hours of bewilderment that followed the plane zipping across the sky.

The plane was reported to Oakland Center Sector 31, near the Oregon border.

When it was initially identified, the plane was flying over Crater Lake, heading for the Willamette Valley, and was moving’very quickly at 37,000 feet.’

The Radar Operator raised concern saying, ‘You know that target south of the boundary there? The 0027 code moving very fast at 37,000?’

‘Oh, look at that thing!’ exclaimed the Oakland Center Controller.

‘Yeah, it’s crazy,’ the operator said. 

The origins of the plane were a mystery to Oakland Center Control.

‘Huh, um and you don’t have anything on him?’ the control center asked. 

‘I’ve got nothing,’ the operator said.

Officials tracked the aircraft on radar but were unable to monitor or contact it because it lacked a functioning transponder.

Later, a United Airlines flight reported that the enormous white plane had no marks on it that might be used to identify it.

‘Hey it’s United 612. It’s just a white speck out there. We can see it, but there’s no identification on it. Just uh, that it’s there,’ said the airline pilot.

The message of the craft in the long audio is lost on Air Control.

The ‘intruder,’ as it was nicknamed, then vanished from radar.

The plane originally appeared between sectors 13 and 14 in California, according to Oakland Center Control, before flying off to Oregon.

Pilots began reporting their disbelief at spotting the white unrecognizable plane in the middle of their traffic lanes after it disappeared off the radar.

The plane’s sightings lasted for a half hour and covered hundreds of miles.

The same allegation was called in over and over again, according to the Drive: a white plane was spotted cruising around 37,000 feet, but it was too far away to tell what type of plane it was or see markings on it.

F-15 fighter aircraft from Portland International Airport were dispatched just 27 minutes after the plane was sighted in an attempt to locate and intercept the vehicle.

Audio Footage of the UFO Encounter


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Had contact already with craft up very close can call them with out a laser had a visit 8 months later not human but human shape! No I am not afraid of it .

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