NASA Shows Strange “Portal” And “Wall” On Mars That Looks Artificial

People are claiming NASA’s Curiosity rover snapped a photo of an alleged “portal” and a “wall nearby that looks artificial” on Mars, but NASA says those rumors are not true.

People are claiming NASA’s Curiosity rover snapped a photo of an alleged ‘portal’ and a ‘wall nearby that looks artificial’ on Mars.

A Reddit user is claiming to have discovered a portal, or possibly an artificial wall, on Mars. The user, kinger90210, posted the photo on Reddit. The image shows what appears to be a portal, with a wall nearby that looks artificial.

Kinger90210 claims they found this while exploring Mars with NASA’s Curiosity rover. The user said the photo was taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover and shows a rock formation that looks like it could be the gate to another world.

“A formation on Mars that appears to be a portal and a wall nearby that looks artificial,” said Kinger90210, the author. However, NASA has commented on this claim.

As NASA points out, what they see as a “Wall,” is actually a rock crevice (a fracture or fissure in rock).

What the Mars Rover, actually photographed was a rock crevice on Mars – not a portal or an artificial wall, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory told the fact-checking website Snopes.

“the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory told Snopes that, what some social media users interpreted to be a “portal and a wall,” was actually a rock crevice on the red planet,” explained NASA to Snopes.


Source: MSL 3466 MR (

The images show an interesting rock crevice on Mars – not a portal or wall as some social media conspiracy theorists have claimed. This matters because it shows that people are quick to believe conspiracy theories without looking into them first. It’s important to be critical of the information we consume and to verify it from reliable sources before sharing it with others. Spreading false information can lead to mistrust and confusion, so it’s crucial that we do our part in verifying claims before amplifying them.


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