NASA’s ISS Records Hundreds of Lights on our Planet

NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) has released a video that shows hundreds of lights on the surface of our planet during nighttime. The video is circulating the internet and has left many people wondering what is causing these lights. The answer is less mysterious than you might think!

NASA’s ISS (International Space Station) has recorded hundreds of lights on our planet. The video appeared on May 7, 2022, on Facebook.

The lights don’t appear to be aircraft and appeared to be moving across the sky slowly. One thing is clear: these are not satellites, helicopters, or aircraft but something else!

A commenter believes that these strange ships are alien mega-ships that travel at the speed of light.

“Of course, they are alien ships… Well, I have seen it many times, without any kind of telescope or technology, well In this video, it is confirmed that they are beings with super mega-ships Advanced technology because it is seen to travel at a speed of light,” said Roberto Equihua, a commenter.

Another commenter shared a theory alleging that the angel sightings are actually demons fallen from heaven.

“That what you see are angels fallen demonic beings and soon will appear as saviors of humanity but I personally do not deceive me,” said Mauricio Alexs Guin Chirinos, another commenter.


NASA has recorded hundreds of lights on our planet, but don’t fear—they’re not UFOs controlled by aliens and they are definitely not flying. They are night fishing fleets in action.

The video is real but the story is a hoax …

The story behind the video is a hoax created by the YouTube channel Luis Andrés Jaspersen Revilla. The channel in question took the video of NASA’s channel on Ustream and fabricated a strong UFO narrative.

He even tried to claim the video what is owned by NASA. “I don’t care at all if you think I recorded the video or not. I don’t know what you mean, but the video is mine and I have already requested official authorship from YouTube, so no one can plagiarize it,” said Revilla, the alleged hoaxer.

After receiving numerous reports about this hoax video, Apaiss has debunked this story and his research has shown this involves fishing boats.

The video was recorded by the ISS and shows nighttime lights from space. NASA explains that many of the lights are fishing boats working. There’s an enormous amount of squid fishing going and fishermen use lights to attract their prey.

NASA explains on the official website, “The night fishermen are working the second largest squid fishery on Earth, using the lights to draw plankton, fish, and squid to the surface.”

The old hoax from November 16, 2020, has been recycled again by the YouTube channel Snakedos from Spain whose Facebook page Ovnis vs Ufos 2 took a snippet from.

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