UFO Filmed by US Air Force at Nellis Range, ‘What the hell is it”

The Nellis UFO incident, a startling video of an unidentified object hovering over the Nellis Range within U.S. Air Force airspace has gone viral on the internet and is now raising questions about UFO activity within top-secrecy military installations.

Nellis Range, located in Nevada, is home to an abandoned air force base. It’s also to be claimed as the location of multiple alien encounters, according to the stories told by some who come into contact with it.

The area has been shrouded in mystery and secrets since the early 1950s when the military began using it as a practice range for bombing exercises and testing new aircraft.

The land was so remote that there were no nearby cities or towns to complain about the noise.

That’s not all that was going on at Nellis Range, though: many people believe there were secret experiments being conducted on alien technology in Area 51.

Nellis UFO incident

Radar operators know what they saw and can’t explain what they are

The US Air Force has released secret images of a UFO spotted by two radar operators on two separate occasions.

The UFOs were spotted over the Nellis Range in late September 1994. This location is near the infamous Area 51, where the government has carried out covert testing of military aircraft and weapons systems for decades.

In the first video, a tiny dot appears on the horizon and there are no wings or rotor blades visible on this craft.

Operators are unsure what it is—it’s moving fast enough to be an aircraft, but its behavior is erratic and unpredictable.

The object suddenly disappears from the radar, then reappears in a different part of the sky and hovers there.

In the second video, another object appears moving slowly over the horizon. It too vanishes from radar before reappearing moments later in a new location.

Whatever it is, it’s solid and big enough to spike the radar return. The object is over 10,000 meters (6.5 miles) away in both cases—so big that you can see it with the naked eye—and it seems to hover there for several minutes before disappearing again.

Radar operators are baffled by a mystery unknown object that was detected on their radars.

The object appeared unexpectedly and left no trace as it disappeared just as quickly as it had arrived, leaving the operators mystified.

“What the hell is it?” asked one of the operators.

Another operator responded: “I don’t know.”

The operators were initially unsure if they had simply picked up an error in their equipment, but then, to their surprise, the object reappeared on the radar in a different location.

“Where’d it come from?” asked one of the confused operators.

UFO Filmed by US Air Force at Nellis Range

In 1995, a segment of CBS’s Hard Copy tabloid news shows two video clips of what was claimed to be a UFO (unidentified flying object) in flight.

The footage revealed a set of flying objects, recorded by the US Air Force. The man, who remained anonymous throughout the show, said that UFOs were “commonly seen” at the base during his time there.

Time to crack open the door on a dark, unexplained corner of human history. The Nevada desert has long been host to all manner of strange sightings and experiences, but none is more famous than the case of a UFO videotaped by the military, which has only just now been leaked to the public.

The video, taken from a civilian contractor with access to military equipment, shows an object floating in the sky above the Nellis Air Force Range. It’s unclear what exactly is being recorded.

Whatever it is, it’s definitely not a plane—it moves in ways that simply would not be possible for any known aircraft at the time.

The video was smuggled out of a top-secret military base by a rogue contractor, who then sold copies of it to various Hollywood studios for use in various television series about UFOs (notably ‘Sightings’ and ‘Hard Copy’).

This is the first time that anyone has gotten their hands on a copy of this infamous tape since then.

That this man was even able to smuggle out a copy of this tape is astonishing—and makes one wonder how many other videos like this are out there that we simply do not know about?

“This wasn’t the first time I saw these videos,” said the anonymous man.

“Based on my experiences, personally and military, there’s no doubt these alien systems exist,” he continued.

Shortly after the first sighting of the object, a second sighting was recorded, this time from camera location S-13. This footage shows the UFO as a small speck on the horizon, moving away from the tracking camera.

Although this video is less dramatic than the first, it does include an important detail: In this section of the film, we can hear the controllers simulate a missile launch on the object.

The footage has been studied by both UFO researchers & aviation experts alike, but to date, no one has been able to provide an explanation as to what the object is.


Now, the Air Force has confirmed that this video is the real deal. We’re not sure what to make of it. Some people believe aliens from another world have made contact with us, and they have technology many years beyond our own.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what it is. The fact is that what you see is something that cannot be explained, and that is why we love it so much.


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