NSA Warns, ‘We’re Not Alone in the Universe,’ That Aliens Could Contact Humans via High-frequency Communications



As experts believe, “we’re not alone in the universe,” the National Security Agency has cautioned that aliens could contact humans using high-frequency communications.

The different approaches aliens could take to communicate are explained in a declassified NSA paper titled “Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.”

According to the National Security Agency, alien civilizations might communicate with humans using a signal with a frequency of 1420.405752 megacycles per second and a wavelength of 8.26 inches.

Atomic hydrogen has a radiation frequency that may penetrate through the Earth’s atmosphere and “pervades space in enormous clouds.”


This method of communication would most likely be understood by advanced civilizations who are conversant with radio frequencies.

The NSA dossier states, “We are not alone in the universe.”

“A few years ago, this notion seemed farfetched; today, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is taken for granted by most scientists.”

According to the NSA, the National Academy of Sciences has stated on the record that contact with other civilizations is possible and “is no longer something beyond our dreams but a natural event in the history of mankind that will perhaps occur in the lifetime of many of us.”


The text also references noted astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell’s calculation that our galaxy may support organic evolution with at least 100 million stars.

The closest solar system to ours, Alpha Centauri, includes planets that are too young to support life, according to NASA’s Dr Su-Shu Huang.

Epsilon Eridani’s model comparing it to the Solar System.
‎Courtesy: NASA/JPL/Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC)‎

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Solar systems such as Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti, which are around 111 light-years away from us, are prospective possibilities for hosting life.

Nonetheless, if superior civilizations are plentiful, the nearest would most likely be at least 100 light-years away; thus, a response would take 200 years, a matter of seven generations, according to the NSA document.

The Pentagon has announced the creation of a new office to examine UFOs.

The Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office (ARSO) is a dedicated team tasked with uncovering and identifying UFOs, some of which may pose a threat to national security.


Furthermore, scientists stated earlier this month that they had discovered a planet capable of supporting life.

They believe the planet is in the Sun’s “habitable zone,” which means it is neither too cold nor too hot for life to flourish.


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