Mysterious Portal Reportedly Found Near Great Pyramid, 1932 Explained

A mysterious portal was reportedly discovered by English archeologists during a dig in Egypt in 1932. A photo of a mysterious structure found in Egypt has been making its rounds on social media.

Last week, a photograph of an ancient stone object several meters high in the shape of a giant tablet was posted by the user Ven Garcia Ybanez Pj on the UFO-related Facebook group by the custom URL UFOdaily. The user said the photo was taken begin the 19th century that looks out of a movie.

The hoax photo has gained popularity as a result of a sensational description to attract attention. The post reached 2.1 thousand reactions (emotions) and nearly a thousand shares.

“It looks like something out of a fictional movie, or rather, brought from another dimension. Photo taken in 1903 by German archaeologists and military Uzbekistan/Central Asia,” said Ven Garcia Ybanez Pj, author of the post.

“That’s straight out of a science fiction movie!!! 👽🛸 Definitely some kind of Portal to another dimension, a doorway to other galaxys,” said Andrew Jon Barlow, Facebook group member.

Hoax photo

On June 21, 2020, the Garstang Museum of Archaeology posted the original photo on Facebook that showed the Horus votive tablet. This image shows the main altar in the temple of Amun at Meroë, located in Egypt.

In the 1910s, British archaeologist John Garstang made a number of excavations in Meroë, Egypt. From these excavations, he unearthed a great many treasures from ancient Egypt, including cemeteries and royal Nubian pyramids.

Original Source

The earliest mention of the real photo can be found in the book “Meroë, the City of the Ethiopians : being an account of a first season’s excavations on the site” published by Clarendon Press in 1911 [page 41].

It was only a matter of time before someone took this idea and ran with it—and, in this case, that person was one Andrea Bonazzi. May 1st, 2021, artist Andrea Bonazzi started to post on Instagram the altered photo, posting the first version of what has now become a viral hoax that is sure to make any history or Egyptology buff crack up.

“A group of English archeologists discovered a complex set of solid granite structures, with intriguing highlights and coniform language. Hmm.. around the same time they found the stargate,” said a user, member of Telegram channel Majestic 12 Chat.

“Yes, this is one of my artworks, a Photoshop composition made with one of my own sculptures placed in a historical but modified background … I make sculptures and illustrations largely based on Horror, Fantasy, and Weird fiction, especially inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft,” said Andrea Bonazzi to, artist of the altered photo.

1911, first appearance of the original photo.


The post was published online on a Facebook group called “UFO, Aliens, Other Planets and Paranormal Activities“. Groups like this one just accept posts from hoaxers and disinformation sites, but this one appears to have been created just to spread hoaxes. There doesn’t seem to be any original content in the group—just lots of photos, videos, and links to different sites posting hoaxes. This group censors Astral Citizens by not allowing our posts in their group.


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