Astral General (AGen)

The Astral General is above all levels and is below General of the Astral. Astral General is the title and rank of a senior officer who commands units greater than a regiment or its equivalent, or units that include more than one branch of the military. An Astral General, on the other hand, is frequently an officer who does not command Astral Troops but instead plans the site’s operations. Only the Astral General (AGen) can exchange Star Dollars into Earthly Dollars.

9 Requirements

  • Log in to website 3000 times
  • Comment on a post 3000 times
  • Get a comment on a post 100 times
  • Publish a new post 150 times
  • Publish a new post 150 times
  • Earn 3000 Karma
  • Create a new topic 3000 times
  • Reply to a topic 3000 times
  • Get a new favorite on a topic 3000 times