Technical Astral Sergeant (Tasgt)

Technical Astral Sergeant (Tasgt)

The Technical Astral Sergeant (TAsgt) is the Non-Private ranks’ second level. In addition to providing supervision, Technical Astral Sergeants are qualified to execute highly difficult technical activities. They’re also in charge of the growth of Astral Citizens who are under their supervision.

The TAsgt’s job is to make sure that all enlisted personnel have the tools, training, and support they need to perform at their best and achieve ultimate mission effectiveness.

  • Technical Astral Sergeant (Tasgt) is eligible to apply as moderator for Astral Citizen’s YouTube channel and Discord server.

4 Requirements

  • Publish an activity post in a group 200 times
  • Invite someone to join a group 20 times
  • Send an invitation 20 times
  • Accept an invitation 20 times