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The Sea Fury UFO Incident: Rare Audio of the Encounter



The Sea Fury UFO Incident: Rare Audio of the Encounter

Nowra, Australia – The Sea Fury UFO Incident is considered to be one of the most credible UFO sightings. Recorded audio during the encounter was released, offering a rare glimpse into what they experienced.

The audio is quite chilling, adding to the mystery of this incident. The unidentified flying object (UFO) encounter is so extraordinary that it was kept in the Defense Department’s top-secret archives for more than 30 years.

On the evening of August 31, 1954, Petty Officer Keith Jessup observed an unusual blip on the radar screen. He noticed two strange echoes that were closing in fast on the sea fury. Jessup immediately reported the incident to his superiors.

Sea Fury pilot Seamus O’Farrell suddenly realized he was not alone up there at 13,000 feet. A full minute later, he spotted a strange aircraft flying alongside him.


The audio recording released on the television documentary ‘The Extraordinary’ gives the public an exclusive look at what happened during the Sea Fury UFO Incident.

Seamus O'Farrell
Seamus O’Farrell

Two unidentified flying objects were flying in formation with the Sea Fury. The objects were brilliant white lights and flew on either side of the plane. One was thirty meters to the port side of the plane and the other was thirty meters to the starboard side.

Sydney Airport tower reported that there were no civilian aircraft in the area and that the two UFOs were maintaining formation with the Sea Fury. After several minutes, the objects suddenly mysteriously disappeared into the darkness.

“What these two objects where I didn’t have any idea and I was concerned with the safety, so I report that to the relevant officer in charge of that area at the time,” said Keith Jessup, Petty officer.

“They were formatting with me, they were moving along with me and holding this station with me and they were about the same distance out on either side,” said Seamus O’Farrell, Sea Fury pilot.

The official files on the case of the two unidentified flying objects seen by O’Farrell over in 1954 would be classified for decades. It was only after they were declassified that it would be learned that O’Farrell had not been as nuts as many had made him out to be.


Lieutenant-Colonel O’Farrell faced a great deal of unwanted attention after he reported seeing a UFO. He was afraid that this was going to ruin his career and faced ridicule from colleagues who didn’t believe him. Despite the military’s efforts to distance itself from the affair and sweep it under the carpet, O’Farrell continued to insist that he was telling the truth.

The whole ordeal took its toll on him and he just wanted to leave it behind. However, the constant harassment from news agencies made it difficult for him to do so. In the end, O’Farrell’s career was ruined and he became a laughing-stock among his peers. All he wanted was to forget about the whole incident, but unfortunately, it was not that easy.

Chalker is convinced that this is a very credible account that deserves serious consideration. However, without the original tape of O’Farrell’s communication with the base during the incident, as well as several other official files on the matter, it is hard to say what is really going on here.

O’Farrell’s case would be pursued by several UFO researchers over the years, including Australian ufologist Bill Chalker and American UFO researcher Dr. Allen Hynek.

Hynek interviewed O’Farrell and could find no rational explanation for what he had experienced. In particular, O’Farrell remembered how when he had met Hynek in 1973, the researcher had been very interested in the case, in that it was in his opinion one of the stronger cases he had come across.

While serving as technical advisor for the film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ UFO specialist Dr. J. Allen Hynek holds a pipe and one of his magazine columns. —- Getty Images/Columbia Tristar

The sighting of two unidentified aircraft by a highly qualified and experienced pilot, as well as confirmation from the ground radar operator, is certainly credible evidence. The separate witnesses only add to the validity of the sighting. The inexplicable actions of the aircraft only serve to make the sighting even more credible. With such credible evidence, it is hard to imagine that the sighting could be anything other than genuine.

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On August 31, 1954, a Sea Fury UFO incident occurred that has remained one of the most well-documented cases of an unidentified flying object. Audio files of the UFO encounter have been released. A discussion can be heard about the strange objects they were seeing and their confusion as to what it could be. This is a fascinating piece of history, you can experience below.



The Sea Fury case is one of the most credible unexplained UFO encounters out there. Many questions still linger about it, such as what O’Farrell saw out there and why the other witness accounts were covered up. It is hard to say that he could have possibly just been seeing things because there are other corroborating reports, such as the radar evidence and the other sightings. Whatever the case may be, the Sea Fury UFO incident has managed to become a classic case that has continued to elude understanding.

Some believe that O’Farrell saw an experimental aircraft while others believe he saw something else entirely. There is still no clear answer as to what happened during this encounter. The fact that the files related to this incident are classified or have gone missing entirely only adds to the mystery. It is clear that there is still much we do not know about this case. Perhaps someday we will find out the truth about what happened that fateful day. Until then, the Sea Fury UFO incident remains one of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries in history.


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