Facts vs. Fables

Defamation and slander are used to discredit the facts delivered by Astral Citizens. The bodies responsible for this propaganda involves a handful of YouTube channels that mislead people with disinformation. All claims are addressed in the video above “Secureteam10 Case – Facts vs. Fables”. The publication “Why did Astral Citizens leave YouTube” promised to publish a follow-up on why the official YouTube channel of Astral Citizens was terminated as a result of filing copyright claims. Has the YouTube channel of Astral Citizens been terminated for filing false copyright claims?

False, YouTube removed the channel on February the 14th, 2020, because they suspected false copyright claims were being filed. After pressure from the lawyer and demonstrable evidence no terms and services has been violated, YouTube reversed the termination of the YouTube channel.


Secureteam10 is a popular YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. Due to his size and systematic publication of disinformation and hoaxes he may have motivated people to disable the channel by flagging his content and making false copyright claims. Due to the multifaceted breach of YouTube’s system, it seems that the video platform company protected the UFO channel against fraudulent claims, resulting in Astral Citizens being unfairly punished. Remarkably, the official YouTube channel of Astral Citizens was terminated on Valentine’s Day.


On May 18, three months after the channel’s termination, the YouTube Copyright team took the time to investigate this case as requested by Astral Citizens. After many stages of verifications, YouTube has learned that they made a mistake by reinstating the channel and punishing Secureteam10 for misusing copyright law.


Astral Citizens is responsible for:

  • Removal of the official Patreon page;
  • Removal of Spreadshirt shop items with the alien disc artwork;
  • Situation of Secureteam10’s official YouTube channel.


YouTube was in the process of removing the videos from Secureteam10. One more removal and the YouTube channel of Secureteam10 has been removed. This motivated Mr. Glockner to listen to the terms of Astral Citizens.

Astral Citizens will withdraw all claims if Secureteam10 never again publish misleading content. This will be reviewed in 365 days.

Hopefully Astral Citizens will never have to publish anything about Secureteam10 again.



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