Sky Beings in 5,000 Year Old Cave Paintings

Cave paintings of beings with big eyes, elongated head that you would rather not meet at night. According to someone online, this is about “Sky Beings” and explains in a community with nearly 6,000 members that the cave painting is 5,000 years old, praised by the aborigines.

The user Palm Mer says: “The sightings didn’t start a hundred years ago, but thousands! A 5000 Year Old Aboriginal Cave Painting of The “Wandjina.” Known As “The Sky Beings'”

What’s going on here is the classic misinformation mixed with facts.

The cave paintings are real. Wandjina are found only in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. They date back between two to four thousand years. Not 5,000 years.

They are not sky beings or aliens, the Wandjinas are spirits. Cloud & Rain spirits, hence the potato-shaped body with lines or dots on the underside.

Around the heads are lines of color, depicting lighting. Aboriginals believe when they are angry they show it through thunderstorm.

Now you know, pass it on.

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