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Steven Greer Warns About Disinformation Agents



Steven Greer Warns About Disinformation Agents

Dr. Steven Greer is not responding to attorney Daniel Sheehan’s official statement dated July 9.

In Greer’s new documentary ‘Cosmic Hoax’ there is a segment where Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon are labeled as professional disinformation agents featuring recordings of Daniel Sheehan that turns out to be from an interview that has nothing to do with Greer’s claim, the clips were taken out of context to incriminate Elizondo and Mellon.

Actually, the lawyer says that he completely disagrees with Greer’s actions & claims. Clear language you would say.

He remained silent for a while after the attorney’s response and then he just kept promoting his documentary Because today, on Steven Greer’s Facebook page, appeared a new post where he encouraged people to download and publish his documentary to spread the word.


False words to be precise. On Facebook we chatted with Dr. Steven Greer, nothing special, just short dialogues. As you can see in the video, he’s responding to each of my inquiries.

When we ask him for reaction to Daniel Sheehan’s statement, he was suddenly not keen to respond. He refuses to comment on this. Knowing that Facebook shows when a direct message has been seen.

We talk with the source like any other professional journalist does. At least if they cooperate. As you can see, he’s not.

What we hate is people like Steven Greer, who under false pretenses use people, in this case Daniel Sheehan, to pin outright unfounded claims on Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon and then use gullible people to financially support him.

Steven Greer asks people to distribute his documentary on their social network and eagerly responds, if they have questions. But as soon as people ask questions that Greer doesn’t want to address, he sticks his head in the sand like an ostrich.


He made himself totally unbelievable by acting that way. He’s only out for chaos knowing he’s promoting peaceful aliens.

Regardless of whether we disagree with Corbell, Lue, or Christopher. we’re not going to use people to make a point. That’s only how Greer works, a coward.

When a man promotes the peaceful alien agenda, we don’t expect cowardly hateful deeds. Not responding to our inquiry and not responding to Sheehan’s statement is a hard confirmation that he is not the honest man he pretends to be but someone who has something to hide.

It’s also not a smart move to piss off a lawyer. Daniel Sheehan can sue him for defamation and false pretenses.

What are your thoughts on Steven Greer? Use the comment section.


Heathcliff Spencer Peters, born and raised in the Netherlands, has worked with Dutch and American artists as creative artist for over 10 years. From 2000 - 2001 he was the main character in a popular Dutch television docu-soap-travel program. He has also worked as a cameraman and video producer for over 11 years. In addition to his work experience, he has been practicing journalism and fact-checking since 2007 for Lions Ground, nowadays known as Astral Citizens.

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6 months ago

I have been researching UFOS for years now after seeing one myself I became obsessed with trying to find out what these are . I am still am ,I have followed all of the ufologists work including DR Greer . Danny has been working with the disclosure project for years . His last talk he did for the anniversary I enjoyed watching . Now I am aware of what he said about his words about Lue being edited . The problem is I know that they are not he actually did say those things I heard then come out of his own mouth from the convention to me that can’t be disbuted . So what I feel has happened is Danny is working with Lue for information he doesn’t trust him . I’m sure Greer knows this and they feel it’s so important to humanity that he won’t comment . Anyone is able to watch the information on their own if they have the patience . When you do you will clearly hear that Danny did in fact say those things that’s what I believe

Joel Michael
Joel Michael
Reply to  Devon
4 months ago

I have to doubt the word of anyone who tries to make themselves sound important by calling a a well-known man by a childish name like “Danny.” Sorry, but I don’t accept the expertise of name-droppers. You attend conventions because you “follow all of the ufologists work,” so I’m pretty sure they barely even realize you exist, if that. Please don’t try to pretend you’re close friends with these people, and they share all their inner-most secrets with you. It just makes you even less credible.


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