Astral Citizens Survey Result 2021



Tuesday 2 November I asked to help improve Astral Citizens by filling out a simple survey. I asked to choose their favorite topic, least favorite topic, to review the channel, and the duration of the videos. A total of 75 people completed the survey.

Favorite topic

To find out what the followers of Astral Citizens like, I asked them to choose their favorite topic. Below is the result:

Secret Societies20%

Least favorite topic

To find out what the followers of Astral Citizens like least, I asked them to choose their least favorite topic. Below is the result:

Secret Societies20%
Extraterrestrial 0%

Channel Rating

What do the followers think of the quality of the channel and what is their opinion about the content?

Audio quality4.8
Video quality4.9
Channel presentation4.4
How well can you understand me?4.5
How well do you rate my English?4.5
* 1 = bad/low and 5 = perfect/very high.

Intro: Keep it or leave it?

In the beginning I thank the people who have commented followed with a bit of warm-up story before I get into the meat. What do think my followers of that?

Keep it60%
Leave it30%
It’s too long, shorten it10%


Do they like long or short videos?

Duration preferenceVotes
up to 10 min70%
up to 5 min30%
up to 3 min0%


Here are five random feedbacks.

  1. I think that the longer videos you make are sometimes good, but for example, there was one where you had an hour long upload of just a bunch of random video clips. I watched about 8 minutes and was like, is it really worth my time to watch an hour of online content today? I told myself probably not. I haven’t attempted to watch it again. I like your shorter videos, and your audio quality and English is very good, there was maybe one instance ever where I thought something you said was weirdly worded. Your pronunciation and grammar is excellent. Keep it up, and I love when you credit the people in the comments section. It makes me happy to watch your stuff and ALSO be appreciated by you!
  2. Really enjoy your channel and content. I especially like your unique accent and it makes it easy to pay attention to your videos. Nicely done. Big fan!
  3. Without you I would lose interest in ET or UFO updates.
  4. Never let your integrity leave as you are the resistance to this false world on YouTube.
  5. I appreciate how you want to find the truth and do so with extensive research, in a well presented video. Keep up the great work.


  1. Heathcliff

    November 11, 2021 at 12:05 AM

    Testing point system.

  2. TeamYogaforce

    January 4, 2022 at 6:43 PM

    Strong survey result ! no doubts about what people prefer

  3. Heathcliff

    January 6, 2022 at 10:14 AM

    I love this survey result 🤡

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